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NE EDT Racing
Round 2 - Ironclad

Kinston, North Carolina
April 30, 2016

NE-EDT Racing

NE EDT Racing Round 2 Ironcad Race Report
Brad Riley Wins NE EDT Pro & Pro-Am Classes at Round Two

2016 New East EDT
Round 2 - Ironclad Motorsports
Kinston, NC (5/17/2016) - The New East Extreme Dirt Track series hosted its next round, round two, the very next day at the Ironclad Motorsports park in Kinston, North Carolina for the Qualified Racing Engines event. “Bad” Brad Riley came back and slipped his foot in the door to take the B&B Racing Engine’s Pro class win with Chuckie Creech in second place and Michael Houghton in third. The Pro-Am class was highlighted by another win by Riley with Creech in second place again, and Andrew Evanyke taking home third place on the podium.

NE-EDT Pro Class Podium

NE-EDT Pro Class Podium (left to right)
Michael Houghton (3rd), Brad Riley (1st), Chuckie Creech (2nd)

MAXXIS / DASA / PEP / Houser Racing’s Brad Riley had his work cut out for him again, almost to an exact match from round one Pro class, as he and Creech came off the line with Riley in second place. Creech was able to snag the holeshot and lead Riley into the first half of the race with a slight advantage over Riley. Riley however, had different plans and a different trick up his sleeve for round two. Riley kept pace with Creech for the first two-thirds of the race but as the end drew nearer, Riley unleashed his plan of attack. This attack consisted of continually pounding the inside option lane which lead out onto the front stretch and created a drag race for him and Creech. Eventually, Riley was able to make a pass stick as Creech went just a tad wide heading into this section, giving Riley just enough advantage to take over the lead with only a couple of laps left and go on and take the win.

Brad Riley NE-EDT Racing

Brad Riley leading the NE-EDT Pro Class

“The track was super tight and one-lined but it was a nice groove which gave my MAXXIS tires a ton of traction to battle with Creech out there and go toe-to-toe. We’ve been racing together for a long time and this is some of the closest racing we’ve ever done. I had a ton of fun out there and I’m glad I was able to get the win to round out the weekend. My DASA powerplant, with Rekluse clutch, Houser components, and PEP shocks worked great together to put the power down to the ground through the MAXXIS tires and it brought me home the win after a really exciting race,” said Riley.

Brad Riley NE-EDT Racing

CCR Swaybars / Close Encounter Whitetails / MAXXIS / WISECO / RAGE ATV’s Chuckie Creech had a fantastic showing in the Pro class once again by snagging the Qualified Racing Engines holeshot award and leading the pack for nearly the entire race. The win came down to one corner where Creech and Riley banged bars lap after lap until nearly the end of the race when Riley was able to slip by and into the lead. Creech held on strong for the last couple of laps to bring home second place and keep the Pro points tied up heading into round three on June 11th in Wadesboro, NC.

Chuckie Creech Brad Riley NE-EDT Racing

Chuckie Creech & Brad Riley battle for the #1 spot in the NE-EDT Pro Class

Earnhardt Racing / Hoosier / Pippard Performance’s Michael Houghton was able to get another third place finish in the Pro class for round two after a hard battle in the main event. Houghton was neck and neck with Creech coming off the line until just before the apex of the turn where Creech had the advantage. From here, Houghton battled with Riley quickly before sliding solidly into third place where he remained for the rest of the race and rounded out the podium and currently sits in third place in points as well for the championship.

Michael Houghton NE-EDT Racing

Michael Houghton rounded out the NE-EDT Class Podium in third

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