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Round #10
July 1-2

Mill Creek Motocross - Pell City, AL (2006)

Keith LIttle Interview 11.8mb
John Natalie Jr Interview 5.8mb
Harold Goodman Interview 5.7mb
Jeremiah Jones Interview 9.6mb
Angela Butler Interview 10.7mb

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Red Bud Mx Clip - Natalie & Gust Battle 1
-- a WMV clip of Natalie and Gust battle it out in moto 2 at Red Bud Mx. (2005)
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First Time Backflippers
-- a clip of Austin Wilson, Caleb Moore, and Steve Weissingers first attempts at the backflip into a pond and foam pit.
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-- a clip from Bobby Swords and friends Justin, Jason, Jeremy and Steven. The video features “the property” in Gloucester, VA and an MX track in Millers Tavern, VA
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Round #9
June 24-25

The Wisp - McHenry, MD  (2006)

Bill Ballance Interview 9.7mb
Chris Borich Interview 6.2mb
Chris Jenks Interview 5.1mb
William Yokley Interview 15.0mb
Bryan Cook Interview 4.2mb
Brandon Ballance Interview 11.3mb
Brandon Brown Interview 12.0mb
Traci Cecco Interview 8.4mb
Bevo Forti Interview 9.1mb

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12 Hour of America Race
-- a Quicktime movie of a 12 Hour of America Race(2005)
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Round #6
June 2-4

Washougal MX - Washougal, WA (2006)

Racing Action
Washougal Motocross Track
Woods Racing Action

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-- a 4.6 mb mpg Clip. The Iowa Atv Harescramble Series Presents: Ottumwa, Ia! (2005).
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