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NE EDT Racing
Round 5 - Latrobe Speedway

Latrobe, PA
August 8, 2015

NE-EDT Racing

NE EDT Racing Latrobe ATV Race Report
Michael Houghton Wins NEEDT Racing Pro Class

2015 New East EDT
Round 5 - Latrobe Speedway

Latrobe, PA (8/14/2015) – The 2015 New East Extreme Dirt Track Series has had a wild season thus far including multiple races being canceled because of heavy rainfall. This round, number five of the season, was rescheduled and put on a new track as well. The track was brand new and never had a TT style race at it before and it turned out to be a very “racy” track with a great option-lane straight out the holeshot and several big jumps to contend with. Latrobe Speedway in Latrobe, Pennsylvania played host to this round where the points chases inched closer and closer to each other.

NE EDT Racing Pro Podium

NE EDT Racing Pro Podium (left to right)
Chuckie Creech (3rd), Michael Houghton (1st), Brian Ace (2nd)

The story heading into the weekend that everyone was talking about, was the theft of Chuckie Creech’s two race bikes from a family member’s residence, obviously resulting in no machine for Creech to compete on. Thankfully for Creech, the ATV racing community showed it’s true colors and offered up a ride for him and he was able to compete! Creech went on to dominate the Pro-Am class while Michael Houghton was the winner of the Pro class.

Michael Houghton NE EDT Racing

Michael Houghton grabbed the holeshot in the NE EDT Pro Main

Earnhardt Racing / O’neal / Fox Shox’s Michael Houghton got off to a great start with his TRE racing engine and pulled the holeshot just ahead of Chuckie Creech and Brian Ace. Houghton opted to go into the outside option lane immediately on the first lap and distanced himself a sight bit from the pack. He came under fire soon from Creech who was riding the spare Tru-Way Racing machine of Brian Ace / Justin Frailey and had a battle on his hands. Creech pressured Houghton early on but Houghton was on his game and had the track dialed and stayed out front for the entire contest as the rest of the pack battled behind him. Houghton’s points chase inched even closer to the gap Creech has on him heading into the next double-header at Busco Beach where the championship points chase could be sealed!

Brian Ace NE EDT Racing

Despite pressure from Brian Ace & Chuckie Creech, Michael Houghton held the number one spot until the finish at Latrobe Speedway

“My Earnhardt Racing TRE powered TRX450R with Hoosier tires hooked up off the line and got me a great start. It was really key to get out front early and stay ahead of these guys in order to take the win. The track was pretty rough and I already had my bike raised up a bit from Sturgis which was also rough so we didn’t have to change much on the bike, just some small suspension adjustments and a new set of Hoosiers and it was good to go. It was a great race and it feels awesome to get my first win of the season in the Pro class and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season,” said Houghton on the podium.

Brian Ace NE EDT Racing

Brian Ace matched Michael Houghton move-for-move but was unable to make the pass. Ace's hard work earned him second in the Pro Main

Try-Way Racing / RATH / Walsh’s Brian Ace had a strong run going for himself as well coming out of the holeshot in the top three just on the outside of Creech who was at the bottom on the track just behind Houghton. Ace tucked in quickly behind Creech and followed him through the first corner into the option lane on the inside line. Ace found his way around Creech early on in the race and kept using the option lanes to his advance to progress his way through the race and reel in Houghton. Unfortunately for Ace, he was not able to catch up to Houghton to really apply the needed pressure to get around him or pressure him into a mistake. Ace remained in second place however for the remainder of the twenty-lap race and finished securely on the podium to advance his own points in the chase.

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