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KTM ATV Models

KTM 450SX &  505SX Racing ATV  Information

2009 KTM 450SX & 505SX Race Ready ATV - SX Engine

KTM Engine Specifications:

450 SX
  • 449cc DOHC 4-Valve liquid cooled
  • Bore 97 mm, Stroke 60.8 mm
  • Compression Ratio 12.5:1
  • 477cc DOHC 4-Valve liquid cooled
  • Bore 100 mm, Stroke 60.8 mm
  • Compression Ratio 12.5:1

KTM 505 SX ATV Engine Left KTM 450SX ATV Engine Right

KTM 450SX and 505 SX ATV Engine

Engine Cases
Re-designed engine cases with modified engine ventilation system. Accommodates a deep oil sump allowing better engine performance and increased oil capacity: 1.8L.

KTM 505 SX ATV Engine DOHC

KTM 450SX and 505SX ATV Engine showing the Double Overhead Cam Setup

Close ratio 5-speed transmission, no reverse. Provides the right gear for all track conditions.

Electric Start
Engine was reduced to electric starter only. Quick to start in any situation resulting in less rider fatigue.

Cylinder Head
Two overhead camshafts and DLC-coated finger followers drive the four Titanium Valves. High tech performance engine.

Crankshaft Drive
With its design it maximizes the centrifugal mass and ensures optimum power output.

KTM 505 SX ATV Crankshaft KTM 505 SX ATV Clutch Basket

KTM's SX ATV Crank Shaft

KTM's SX Model Clutch Basket Assembly

MAGURA hydraulic clutch with stainless steel braided clutch line and quick change clutch cover. This maintenance-free clutch pulls in effortlessly and has automatic adjustment.

Common oil lubrication for engine, clutch and gearbox. Optimized dry sump design with increased oil capacity for ATV use. Easy access to the oil filter keeps maintenance simple.

KTM 505 SX ATV Lubrication KTM 505 SX ATV  Carburator

KTM's SX ATV Engine Lubrication

KTM's SX ATV Carburator

Cooling System
Lightweight curved aluminium radiator is fitted with an electric cooling fan. Thermostat helps maintain constant engine temperature. Curved shape helps improve air flow for better cooling.

Keihin FCR-MX 41 mm flat slide carb with acceleration pump and TPS. Very responsive and easy to tune.

KTM 505SX ATV  Air Box KTM 450 SX ATV Exhaust

KTM's SX ATV Model Air Box

KTM's SX Aluminum Exhaust System

Unique Airbox with specially designed snorkel that allows for increased air intake due to higher engine revs. Air intake draws from the highest point to reduce intake of water and mud. Quick release seat and no tools required to service air filter allows for easy service.

Performance tuned header pipe and modern SX aluminium silencer with integrated filter that meets sound requirements. Lightweight, high flow design.

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