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2011 WORCS ATV Racing
Round #8 - Racetown 395
October 23, 2011


WORCS Racing - Round 8 - Racetown 395 - Pro ATV Race Report
Can-Am's Josh Frederick Wins, Beau Baron & Jeremie Warnia Podium

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Adelanto, CA - Can-Am/Motoworks’ Josh Frederick claimed the win at round number eight of the 2011 WORCS series while MCR/Maxxis Tire’s Beau Baron charged his way to a solid second, with Jeremie Warnia taking a third place finish.

On Saturday, there was a pro rider clinic put on for all interested to attend. There were four stations set up with two pro at each one to assist participants with jumping, cornering, starts, and other riding techniques. Yamaha’s Josh Row, who recently underwent shoulder surgery was also on hand to help out for the clinic and was happy to be a part of the action even though he was not able to race. “It was fun for me out there and it felt good to be back out there and be a part of everything even though I wasn’t racing,” he stated.

Josh Row
Jeremie Warnia - CanAm DS450 ATV WORCS Racing
Saturday evening, the WORCS Pro ATV Racers provided riding tips to the amateurs at several different stations around the track. Beau Baron & Josh Row (Above left) offered tips on going through the WORCS-X Section & David Haagsma (Above Right) along with Tim Shelman provided jumping technics

A redesigned track greeted racers for this round, but laps were shorter adding and advantage for some as they were able to choose good places where to make passes and increase their lap times. The dry conditions did create some dust, but a slight breeze cleared the areas quickly.

With the pro points chase being so close between teammates Josh Frederick and Jeremie Warnia, and with wildcard Beau Baron thrown into the mix, the competition was fierce as the three racers left the line for the main event.

Josh Frederick - CanAm DS450 ATV WORCS Racing
Can-Am's #1 Josh Frederick was on the move late in the race as he chased down #549 Beau Baron in the lead
Can-Am/Motoworks’ Josh Frederick was in the top five off the start but was not worried about making up time as he has been known for his come from behind wins. Frederick held his fifth place position for two laps before he started to make his way to the front.

The shorter course offered plenty of opportunity for racers to scope out good lines and places to pass, which helped Frederick to make his way through traffic and move into position to take over the lead. In the eighth lap, Frederick made the pass on his teammate Jeremie Warnia after getting by Beau Baron when he made a pit stop, and took over the lead. Frederick did fall back to second in lap ten after stopping to pit himself, but was able to retake the lead and take home the win after Baron got a little crossed up in the whoops section.

Josh Frederick - CanAm DS450 ATV WORCS Racing
Moose Racing's #1 Josh Frederick made the pass on Beau Baron & stayed on the gas to the checkered flag to secure the win, which now has him tied for the points lead with #62 jeremie Warnia with only one round of racing left on the race schedule

“It felt really good to take the win. I had a good race today. I got a decent start and was able to move up easily. The track did get a little rough because it was such a short track, but it was good and challenging track. I guess Jeremie and I are supposed to be tied for points right now going into the last round, so I am going to do whatever I can to make sure I take the win at Speedworld,” stated Frederick.

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