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Project Quads - Custom Built ATV Racing Machines Patriotic Polaris RZR Turbo Build Patriotic Polaris RZR Turbo Build

You won’t find anyone more passionate about their products than Shawn Hess and his father, Glenn, at Hess Motorsports. 

Hess Motorsports Steering Quickener & Wheel
To help tighen up the steering, we used a Hess Motorsports Steering Quickener & Wheel

They have been long time friends, and they have been helping racers for years to get to the finish line with tons of products for both ATVs and UTVs that fix things that don’t hold up to the abuse of racing from the factory.

We also wanted to make sure we had a top quality American Made tire and wheel combination, and while we work with many great companies in this industry, not many of them actually produce the wheels or tires right here in the USA,  so we went with the OMF NXG1 15” Beadlock wheels and OMF center caps.

OMF Wheels
OMF provided us with custom powdercoasted OMF NXG1 15” Beadlock wheels & OMF center caps & we mounted Pit Bull's Growler A/T 30” DOT LT Radial tires

OMF makes one of the best racing wheels out there and they made us custom powder coated wheels, blue in the front and red in the rear that color matched the vehicle. The center caps were a great add on and had stickers to go on as well which really accented the vehicle.

For tires, we went with Pit Bull out of St Louis, MO. They provided us with the Growler A/T 30” DOT LT Radial tires that are race proven in the SCORE Series by our test driver, Scott McFarland at High Point ATV Rentals in Moab, Utah. The tires are really stout, and provide a great look to the vehicle with their aggressive tread pattern, and they are street legal.

KC HiLites Light Bar
KC HiLites sent us a 30 inch LED light bar to make night riding feel like day time

Finally, we installed our top quality KC HiLites LED light bars. They provided a 30 inch bar for the roof and a 10 inch bar to install in the front bumper, and as a bonus they provided some accent lights for ground effects that are blue and red.  KC HiLites makes some incredible products and these lights really added to the final build.

KC HiLites Light Bar
KC HiLites also sent us a 10in LED Light bar which tucked right into our Houser Racing front bumber along with our Polaris Pro HD 4500 LB Winch

It was amazing at how quickly we were able to complete this project, but it took plenty of help from bunch of people in the industry to jump through some hoops and make it possible, and we can’t wait to actually hit the trails and put our RZR creation to the test because while it looks great, we built it to with the purpose of exploring some of the great trails in the land of the free, USA. 

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