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Project Quads - Custom Built ATV Racing Machines Patriotic Polaris RZR Turbo Build Patriotic Polaris RZR Turbo Build

East Coast Wraps in Laurel, MD stepped up to wrap the RZR, and I couldn’t have asked for a better company because instead of installing it as a kit, they body wrapped it just like a car or truck, and we worked past midnight for a couple days getting everything installed, and it turned out better than we could have ever imagined, and Scott Norton’s attention to detail was top notch.  He even made sure the blue color matched the plastic, which wasn’t an easy task and took several hours to get it perfect.

With it wrapped, it was time to head back out to Ohio to Crash Addict Industries to help with the final install of the rest of the components on the final weekend of the competition deadline, which meant for a stressful and busy weekend, but they came through because without them, it wouldn’t have been done in time with so much to do in so little time.

Polaris / MB Quart Sound Bar & 200 Watt Audio Pods
Scott Norton at East Coast Wraps did an incredible job hand wrapping our Polaris RZR Turbo Project

As part of the contest rules, we utilized several Polaris Factory accessories, and it was tough to pick because Polaris offers some many great components, but we decided on the Polaris Pro HD 4500 LB Winch along with the Polaris / MB Quart Sound Bar and 200 Watt Audio Pods. 

Polaris / MB Quart Sound Bar & 200 Watt Audio Pods
We installed the Polaris / MB Quart Sound Bar & 200 Watt Audio Pods on our project build to blast our music on the trail

While the winch installation was fairly straight forward the audio equipment took some fabrication since we were not using the factory cage, so Treavis Poynter with Crash Addict designed and built a custom bracket to mount the MB Quart Sound Bar, and but the Audio Pods mounted right up to the Houser Roll Cage.

Crash Addict Industries' Treavis Poynter
Crash Addict Industries' Treavis Poynter was a big help putting the final touches on our Polaris RZR XP TURBO

As for the exhaust we chose to go with Sparks Performance X-6 Stainless Steel Exhaust. Sparks is one of the few companies that offers a full system exhaust for the Polaris RZR XP Turbo, which was really clean looking and easy to install. The fit, welds, and attention to detail were phenomenal. We also are going to add a Sparks air filter kit, and these were the only performance wise changes made to the RZR because it already has plenty of power from the factory with its Turbo.

Polaris RZR XP 1000 Rock Crawler
Sparks Performance X-6 Stainless Steel Exhaust System was easy to install & not only did it provide a performance boost, it also really added to the look of our RZR build

Hess Motorsports took care of the steering. We used their steering quickener and wheel, which is the first choice among UTV racers because Shawn Hess not only builds products for racing, he tests them first hand as a top notch UTV racer, which gives him a real advantage over other aftermarket parts manufacturers. 

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