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2016 WORCS UTV Racing
Round #10 - Buffalo Bills
October 23, 2016
Primm, NV

WORCS Racing Series

Robbie Mitchell Takes First WORCS Pro ATV Win

“I kicked my bike like it was going to start, put it in gear and it didn’t move, so I kicked it a few more times, put it in neutral, shook it, kicked and finally got it going,” said Baron. “By that time, I was 30 seconds behind. I knew I was going to have my hands full today trying to get to the front, and I came pretty damn close. It was a good battle, and I’m glad he won. He’s been trying for a long time and it’s good to see him try hard all the way through. There were a few times I pulled up beside him, but the next corner was so quick that I couldn’t pass.”

Beau Baron WORCS Racing
Beau Baron claimed his 5th WORCS Pro ATV Championship in 2016, which now has him tied with Doug Eichner

A rock slowed Mike Sloan’s charge early on and he settled for third. His seventh podium this season placed the rookie third in points.

Mike Sloan WORCS Racing
STI's Mike Sloan finished out the season on the podium & he finished 3rd in the WORCS Pro ATV Points championship

“We were fighting hard for that second spot, but I hit a huge rock with my right foot so that slowed me down a little bit,” said Sloan. “I finished third in the race and third for the year so that’s really good. I got on the box in my rookie season.”

Pro Motorsport’s Matt Hancock is retiring from running full time in WORCS ATV competition to focus on his SXS efforts. He came out here to enjoy his final ATV race and ended up with his best career WORCS ATV finish.

Matt Hancock WORCS Racing
Pro Motorsport's Matt Hancock finished a season best 4th place in the WORCS Pro ATV Class at the season finale

“I just went out there and had fun,” said Hancock. “I wasn’t killing myself by any means. I just rode my own race and I capitalized on some of the guys in front of me having trouble. It was good to go out and have fun and get my best finish ever. I’ll do some local series in ATVs, and I’ll still race the SXS. I’m just taking a year off of WORCS ATV and try to enjoy some other aspects of racing.”

David Flores WORCS Racing
David Flores was in the running for the podium before he suffered a cracked head pipe, which dropped him back to fifth place
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