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2015 GNCC Racing Series
Round #7 Mountaineer Run
Masontown, WV
May 23, 2015
GNCC Racing Series

GNCC SxS Racing - Round 7 - Race Report
Can-Am's #1 Kyle Chaney Takes Points Lead with Pro SxS Win

2015 GNCC Racing
Round #7 SxS / ATV Links
Masontown, WV - Can-Am’s Kyle Chaney topped the podium at the Mountaineer Run, round seven of the 2015 GNCC series and was joined by JB Racing / Can-Am teammate Larry Hendershot, Jr. and Tim Farr rounding out the GNCC XC1 Pro SxS Podium.
GNCC Racing SXS UTV Podium

GNCC SxS / UTV Racing Pro XC1 Podium (left to right)
Larry Hendershot Jr(2nd), Kyle Chaney (1st), Tim Farr (3rd)

TurnKey UTV’s Kyle Chaney grabbed the holeshot on the front row of the XC1 Pro SxS class and held the physical lead from start to finish. “I started on the front row. My Maxxis tires hooked up great, and I ended up getting the holeshot. We were pressured for the whole race, so I just tried to keep it smooth the first couple of laps because it was so rocky and technical, but our Fox Shocks did their job and handled it,” said Cheney.

Kyle Chaney SxS UTV GNCC Racing

#1 Kyle Chaney grabbed the holeshot & held the lead from start to finish to claim his second straight win in the GNCC XC1 Pro SxS Class

Chaney had constant company but was able to pull away and keep some distance between him and the rest of the pack later in the race. On the Final lap, Larry Hendershot, Jr. closed gap, but Chaney held his lead and took the win. “We ended up with our second GNCC win in a row and are now on top of the GNCC XC1 Pro Points, so we are pretty excited about that,” said Chaney.

Kyle Chaney SxS UTV GNCC Racing

Can-Am's Kyle Chaney & Chris Bithell took over the points lead with their second straight win as Chaney defends his #1 Plate

Larry Hendershot, Jr. claimed his second consecutive podium finish in the XC1 Pro SxS class. Hendershot, Jr. was in second early in the race and was following Kyle Chaney closely. “I was right behind Kyle for most of the race. I showed him a wheel a few times, but that track was rough and you had to be really careful choosing your lines. We tried to pick the safest lines and still be fast,” said Hendershot, Jr.

Larry Hendershot Jr SxS UTV GNCC Racing

JB Racing / Gunk / ITP / Can-Am's Larry Hendershot Jr charged his way to a second place finish

Hendershot, Jr. challenged for the lead a couple of times, but he could not make a pass stick and reached the finish line in second place. “My JB racing Can-Am was awesome out there. I have 100% confidence in the car and in myself. I know if the car is there we are going to finish well. It was a tough track, but our car handled it great, and it was a lot of fun. We are second in points, and I would like to be the one to bring JB Racing their first championship,” said Hendershot, Jr.

Larry Hendershot Jr SxS UTV GNCC Racing

Larry Hendershot Jr & Braden Henthron claimed their second straight GNCC Racing XC1 Pro SxS Podium finish, which boosted Hendershot Jr into the second spot in the championship points race

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