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2015 Arctic Cat XR 500, 550, & 700 Review
2015 Arctic Cat XR 550 & XR 700 Review
We Test Ride the Arctic Cat XR 550 & XR 700 Utility ATV in Moab, UT

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Moab, UT (1/28/2015) - For 2015, Arctic Cat has went above and beyond with the release of their new Arctic Cat XR line of utility ATV models that focuses on rider comfort, quality and ease of use. With three different engine sizes to choose from and three different packages, the 2015 Arctic Cat XR utility ATV model line up has something for everyone.

Arctic Cat XR
The all-new 2015 Arctic Cat XR Utility ATV was recently invited to Moab, UT to check out the 2015 Arctic Cat XR utility ATV model lineup. As always, Arctic Cat picked a great location for the XR ATV test ride at the Fins and Things trail. Fins and Things is about a ten mile long trail, with some steep hill climbs and descents, and provides spectacular views of the La Sal Mountains across the sandstone domes of Sand Flats. We had great weather for our test ride. Usually the temperatures in January are down in the 30’s at best, but that wasn’t the case as temps were hovering around the 50 degree mark for our journey.

Arctics Cat XR 700 XT
We tested the 2015 Arctic Cat XR Utility ATV model lineup including the Arctic Cat XR 550 & Arctic Cat XR 700 on the Fins & Things Trail in beautiful Moab, Utah

The 2015 Arctic Cat XR utility ATV model lineup includes six models;  the Arctic Cat XR 500, XR 550, XR 550 XT EPS, XR 550 Limited EPS, XR 700, XR 700 XT EPS, and XR 700 Limited EPS with a retail price ranging from $7,799 for the XR 500 to $11,199 for the XR 700 Limited EPS. All the Arctic Cat XR models utilize the same chassis and share many of the same features. During our test ride we got a chance to ride both the Arctic Cat XR 700 and the Arctic Cat XR 550 models equipped with EPS.

Arctic Cat XR 550
Moab, Utah offers up some of the best riding in the world & we were glad to have the chance to test ride the all-new Arctic Cat XR utility ATV models at this location

All Models of the 2015 Arctic Cat XR Utility ATV models includes their Speedrack II racks. Both the front and rear rack are the same, so you know what fits in the front also fits on the back and makes securing loads easy.

Arctic Cat XR 550 Rear Storage
The Arctic Cat XR Utility ATV models feature sturdy Speedrack II racks that have plenty of tie downs for securing a load. The Arctic Cat XR ATV can carry up to 100 lbs up front and 200 lbs on the rear & all the accessories will fit on both the front & rear racks

There is also plenty of storage space in the rear with a 1.44 gallon water resistant compartment, which is great for maps, extra gear or even electronics.

Arctic Cat XR 550 Rear Storage
A 1.44 gallon water resistant compartment is located under the rear rack that can hold extra gear, maps, or anything else you may need along the trail
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