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2011 WORCS ATV Racing
Round #7 - Glen Helen MX
September 18, 2011


WORCS Racing - Round 7 - Glen Helen MX - Pro ATV Race Report

MCR/Maxxis Tire’s David Haagsma was looking good as he grabbed the pro class holeshot. Haagsma charged hard, but he had plenty of company as Jeremie Warnia and Beau Baron were hot on his heels.Haagsma led for one lap before falling back to second. Haagsma fell back to third for a couple of laps, but remounted a charge and took back second when leader, Warnia encountered some issues, allowing Haagsma to take back second place.

David Haagsma - Honda TRX 450R ATV WORCS Racing
Maxxis' #422 David Haagsma grabbed his 2nd Holeshot of the season at Glen Helen with #62 Jeremie Warnia & #549 Beau Baron in chase

David Haagsma - Honda TRX 450R ATV WORCS Racing
Pro Rookie #422 David Haagsma claims his 5th straight Top 5 finish, but he is still chasing after his first podium finish
Haagsma looked smooth and confident, but veteran racer Dustin Nelson was pressuring him in the final lap and Haagsma would end up making a mistake that would cost him two positions, putting him in fourth at the checkered flag. Haagsma has finished in the top five, five out of seven rounds this season and is currently fifth in pro points.

Can-Am/Motoworks’ Jeremie Warnia was looking good early in the race as he charged off the start in second and took over the lead in the second lap. Warnia was holding a solid lead, but Beau Baron closed in and Warnia would fall to second in lap five.

Jeremie Warnia - CanAm DS450 ATV WORCS Racing
Can-Am / Motoworks' #62 Jeremie Warnia took over the lead in lap 2 & held the lead for three laps before Beau Baron took over the lead

In the next lap, Warnia encountered issues and had to pull off the track for a tire change that cost him several positions. Warnia tried to remount a charge, but lost too much time and would have to settle for a fifth place finish. Warnia is still holding the pro points lead, but his fifth place finish this round allowed his teammate Josh Frederick to close in and Warnia will have to be in top form for the final two rounds if he is to hold off both Frederick and Beau Baron and take his first ever WORCS Pro Championship.

Jarrod McClure - Honda TRX 450R ATV National Guard WORCS Racing
National Guard's #36 Jarrod McClure ran another solid race finishing in the 6th spot
Yokely Racing’s Jarrod McClure was in the top ten off the start and worked his way past Dillon Zimmerman and Robbie Mitchell to finish in a respectable sixth place. McClure is currently sixth in points and will have to finish ahead of David Haagsma in the final two rounds if he is to end his season in the top five.

Dillon Zimmerman rode a solid and consistent race as he was in the top ten off the start and moved into seventh place. Zimmerman stayed the course and would take a seventh place finish at the checkered flag.

Robbie Mitchell- Honda TRX 450R ATV WORCS Racing
#8 Robbie Mitchell claimed his second best finish of the year with an 8th place at Glen Helen MX
Robbie Mitchell made the switch to a Honda 450R and was looking good. Along with Dustin Nelson, Mitchell was the only other racer to clear the huge uphill jump, which had him in the top five off the start. Mitchell would eventually fall back after battling with Josh Frederick and Dustin Nelson and end his day in eighth place.

Mike Cafro started outside of the top ten, but worked his way into the number nine position before reaching the checkered flag, while Tim Shelman would round out the top ten in the Pro class.

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