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New England ATV Motocross
Walden MX - Round 1
Wallkill, NY
April 13, 2014

NEATV-MX - New England ATV Motocross Series

NEATV-MX Racing ATV Motocross Race Report
Joel Hetrick Wins NEATV-MX Season Opener

New England ATV Motocross
(NEATV-MX) Links

Wallkill, NY (4/14/2014) - The first round of the New England ATV Motocross 2014 season kicked off this weekend in traditional fashion with the opening round being held at the famous Walden MX in Wallkill, NY which resides north of New York City.

The weekend was shrouded with beautiful seventy-degree weather and with a quick overnight shower on Saturday night, the track was left in good racing conditions for Sunday's motos.

With an extremely large crowd in attendance, and 300 plus racer sign ups, for this year's race, include new vendors such as Ocean County Powersports who also supplied the NEATV-MX track crew with Polaris tow vehicles. NAC's Racing was on hand as well with parts and race support for their many riders in the series. The stadium seating and parking lots were packed with fans and race rigs which also created some very exciting racing as the crowds cheered for their favorite riders as they crossed the finish line section.

With a recent-record breaking number of Pro racers in attendance, the sixteen contenders headed to the line for their motos while the crowds lined the fences and prepared to watch the action unfold.

AMA National ATV MX racer Can-Am’s Joel Hetrick was in attendance and on the Pro starting line for round one. JB Racing/Mtn Dew Live Wire/Can-Am's Hetrick tore off the line and slid into second place behind fellow Can-Am pilot Josh Creamer who snagged the holeshot. With Hetrick finding himself in second place he knew what task was on his plate and that was to get around Creamer and notch a win early in the day. Hetrick was able to do just that, as Creamer came into a slippery corner and pushed wide allowing an opportunity for a pass. From there, Hetrick kept his head down and pushed on to the moto win after eight laps of holding off the competition.

Joel Hetrick

Joel Hetrick was able get out front quickly to take over the lead & to earn the Moto 1 win

Moto two for Elka Suspension / DWT Tire’s Hetrick was much the same as he came off the line trailing Creamer. Hetrick again was able to get by Creamer early on in the contest and continuously lay down fast times which no other racer could challenge. Hetrick rounded out his weekend with a 1-1 in the Pro Class to clinch the top spot on the podium for round one!

Joel Hetrick

In Moto 2, Joel Hetrick once again grabbed the win to take the overall at the NEATV-MX Season Opener in Wallkill, NY

“Yeah luckily I was able to get a good start and stay up front out of the holeshot. I was able to get around Creamer really fast and get out front. It was a really fast track and was really muddy at first and I’m glad I got out front quickly otherwise I would have ran out of tear-offs. Overall it was a great time and there was a lot of competition out here for sure,” said Hetrick after the race.

Josh Creamer

Josh Creamer grabbed the holeshot in Moto 1 on his BCS Powered Can-Am DS450

BCS Performance / Walsh / FOX's Josh Creamer was hot on the throttle off the line for moto one, and he ripped out of the gate to secure the holeshot and the early lead heading out in the first lap. Creamer was just settling in when he encountered some issues with his ATV cutting out in the back section of the track, which soon lead to him coming under attack from Hetrick who was hot in pursuit of the lead position. Creamer held on to the spot as long as he could but slipped back to second place where he remained the rear of the eight lap race, nevertheless securing a solid result to start the day.

Josh Creamer

Josh Creamer finished second in NEATV-MX Pro Moto 1

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