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Moab, Utah Trail System ATV & UTV / SxS Riding Area Review
One of the Most Scenic ATV & SxS Riding Area in the West

Moab Trail System ATV & UTV / SxS Riding Area Honda Rancher ATV
Moab, UT - With its rugged terrain and incredible arches and rock formations, Moab, Utah could easily be considered one of the most beautiful and fascinating places on earth. Its thousands of miles of trails and close proximity to hotels and dining makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States for off-road activities, including ATV and SxS trail riding.

The terrain at Moab is mostly sand stone and clay, which is sometimes referred to as “slickrock.” The term comes from a time when wagons with wooden wheels would try to cross the smooth rocks, causing their wheels to slide around. However, rubber ATV tires do not have that problem and are able to grip most of the rocky terrain with ease. There are rocky sections of trail, gravel roads, hill climbs, and wash areas; just about any type of environment imaginable. There are even sand sections that have formed from weathering of the sandstone that are a beautiful coral pink in color.

Moab Trail System ATV & UTV / SxS Riding Area
Moab, Utah has one of the most scenic landscapes in the west & it is home to two National parks (Arches & Canyonlands), which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, but there is so much more to see in Moab, Utah beyond the parks and either an ATV or SxS provide a great way to explore this scenic landscape

Moab is also the location of Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Arches National Park features over 2,000 sandstone arches and other unusual rock formations that have been carved by the forces of nature over thousands of years. Canyonlands National Park includes colorful landscapes, many canyons, mesas and buttes that were formed by the Colorado River and its tributaries.

Moab Trail System ATV & UTV / SxS Riding Area
Moab Trail System ATV & UTV / SxS Riding Area
The Moab Trail system offers trails for every skill level from easy to difficult, and regardless of the skill level, each one offers up its own breath taking scenery

Canyonlands is divided into four sections by the rivers, including Island in the Sky, the Needles, the Maze, and the rivers. The murky waters of the Colorado River wind through the area and combine with the clear waters of the Green River, creating dramatic scenery throughout the area. There are several trails that run from the town of Moab right to both parks.

Moab Trail System ATV & UTV / SxS Riding Area Moab Trail System ATV & UTV / SxS Riding Area
Castle Valley overlook along the Kokopelli trail is just one example of the many beautiful overlook locations

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