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Cozumel, Mexico Yamaha Rhino 700 UTV / SxS

Yamaha Rhino 700 UTV / SxS Island Adventure Ride in Cozumel, Mexico

The next day we learned a little about what there was to do around the island after speaking with one of many friendly resort staff members. Our original plan was to take an ATV tour through the jungle and visit Mayan Ruins, but we decided we could get more use and value out of renting a Yamaha Rhino 700 for the day. The ATV tour was going to cost us $80 a person and the tour only lasted 2 hours. We spent $65 to rent a Yamaha Rhino 700 UTV / SxS for a whole 24 hours. Dollar for dollar or Paso for Paso the UTV just made for since. We scheduled our Yamaha Rhino UTV to be delivered to the hotel around 9 AM the next day.

Cozumel, Mexico Park Royal Resort & Hotel
Cozumel, Mexico Park Royal Resort & Hotel
The hotel offered breath taking ocean front views even from our room balcony
There were many pools to relax in at the hotel including this vanishing edge pool

Unlike most of the US, in Cozumel you can ride the Side-by-Sides on the road legally. The Yamaha Rhino UTV actually came equip with road friendly tires for less wear. There is only one main road that makes a loop around the island, so it is not easy to get lost. After we got some quick instructions from our amigo from the rental place, we started the engine and hit the road.

Cozumel, Mexico Yamaha Rhino UTV / SxS
Cozumel, Mexico Yamaha Rhino UTV / SxS
Driving the Yamaha Rhino Side-by-Side though the city can get pretty chaotic, but once you get out the city it is an open road!

It took some getting used to driving on the streets of Cozumel. For one, we were in an off-road machine on the road, and two there are some “Loco” drivers in Cozumel! If you are not an aggressive driver you will get nowhere in the city. Luckily there is a smaller side road that travels right along the coast that is just wide enough to fit a side-by-side down. Not only was this road easier to navigate there was an awesome view of the ocean and beaches.

Cozumel, Mexico Punta Sur

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