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Pro Armor Quad Of the Month ATV
March Quad of the Month ATV Header

2006 Honda TRX400EX ATV

William Chapman Jr.'s Pro Armor March Quad of the Month

"First off, I’d like to thank those that voted for my quad. This month’s contest had some amazing quads that all deserve to be recognized. I’d also like to thank and Pro Armor for sponsoring and organizing this monthly contest. My 400EX was purchased new in May of 2006 and from what I learned here on the website and from it’s members, I started modifying it a little each month. Nearly two years later and it’s finally near completion. Lastly, I can’t forget to thank my Son, Billy, for his help and most of all my Wife, Crystal, for letting me pursue a hobby that I truly enjoy even when she wanted to sell what she called the “Money Pit” on several occasions."

Chassis | Suspension | Controls:

Frame: Stock XR Silver
A Arms: +2" Phantom (HydroDynamics USA)
Swingarm: Stock
Steering Stem: Stock (Replaced Twice)
Stabilizer: Gibson 7 Position
Axle: DuraBlue Eliminator 2+2
Carrier: Stock
Locknut: Black Rad-Loc
Hubs F|R: Stock with All Balls Bearings and Seals
Bars: Black Trail Tech X-Bars with Endurance Trail Tech Computer and Dash Board
Brake/Clutch Levers: Black ASV F3 Clutch and Brake Perches with Black Rotator Clamp
Grips: Red/Black Milano Gel
Throttle: Black TerryCable Dual Gasser
Nerfs: AC Black Line Pro Pegs with Black Webbing
Bumper: Black IMS Intimidator MX
Grab Bar: Stock
Front Shocks: HydroDynamics F-8 Multi-Rate Spring iShocks
Rear Shock: Revalved and Resprung Stock Shock (completed by iShocks)
Brake Lines: Braided Steel
Rotors F|R: Stock
Brake Pads: EBC MXS Sintered Metal Brake Pads
Block Off: Tusk Parking Brake Block Off
Trail/Track Rims F|R: HiPer 9x9 (3+6 Off Set) Dual Beadlock Rear Rims with Red Rings / HiPer 10x5 (3+2 Off Set) Single Beadlock Front Rims with Red Rings
Sand Rims: ITP .190 T-9 Black Pro Series Rims 9x8 (3+5 Off Set) and 10x5 (3+2 Off Set)
Trail/Track Tires: Kenda XC Klaw Tires 20x11-9 / 22x7-10.
Sand Tires: ITP Sand Star 20x11-9 / 21x7-10
Lugs: ITP 10mm Chrome Flat Lug Nuts with 14mm Heads
Red Honda 400ex ATV Honda TRX400EX QOTM ATV

Honda TRX400EX ATV - Pro Armor Quad Of the Month


Plastic: Stock Honda Red
Graphics|Seat Cover: DMP Graphics & Matching Vynil Sided Gripper Seat Cover
Number Backgrounds: Attack Graphics
Handguards: Honda Red PowerMadd
Bar Pad: N/A
Fuel Tank: Stock with Black Tusk Fuel Vent Valve
Body Armor: Cobra USA Body, Swingarm Skid Plates, and Works Connection Frame Guards


Cylinder|Head: Bored and Honed Cylinder
Bore & Stroke: 87.0mm(3.4278in) x 70.0mm(2.758in)
Displacement: 416cc 11:1 High Compression Wiseco Piston and XR400R Head Gasket
Cam: HotCams Stage 1
Oil Filter: Scotts Reusable Stainless Steel Oil Filter
Carburetor: Stock Carb with 42K Pilot Jet, 162K Main Jet, and Needle Clip on 4th Slot Down
Air Filter Box: UNI Filter with EHS Racing Lid. Snorkel Removed and NAC's Racing Snorkel Plug installed
Pipe|Silencer: Red HMF Slip-On With Black Vector End Cap (Quiet Core installed). Black Exhaust Guard (1200 degree paint)
Clutch|Plates: EBC Heavy Duty Dirt Racer Clutch Kit with Stock Springs
Gearing F|R: 14F/39R
CDI|Killswitch: ProCom High Performance Rev Box
Cooling: Black Powder Coated Tinner Scoops and XRs Only Oil Temperature Gauge
Chain: RK 520 X-RING Chain 520x94 (7,400 tensile strength)
Shifter: R.I.S. "Fear No Gear" Billet Shifter
Other: AMR Racing Monster Coil, Reverse Start Mod, and Black Modquad Billet Quick Release Flag Mount

Front Honda 400ex ATV Sand Dunes Red 400ex ATV

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