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Walker Fowler Interview

Walker Fowler Interview
Walker Fowler GNCC Pro Racer

Walker Fowler

Walker Fowler GNCC Pro Racer

Okeechobee, FL (3/12/2014) - Walker Fowler finished the 2013 racing season second in the GNCC Racing Pro Class with three wins and an impressive nine total podium appearances aboard his AmPro Yamaha YFZ 450R.

We had a chance to catch up with Walker Fowler in Florida to talk to him about the upcoming GNCC Racing season, winter training, and his 2014 race program. How is your training been going this Winter?
Walker Fowler: Real good! I’ve been down in Okeechobee, Florida since just before New Year’s and started doing some cross fit training, as well as cycling and endurance training. I have stepped it up more than I usually do so everything’s been going good. How is your race progrom looking for the 2014 GNCC Racing season?
Walker Fowler: It definitely is a step forward, which is also a good thing. Most of our sponsors have come back this season and have come back pretty big. Maxxis Tires is a pretty big one as well as FLY, Moto-Xperts, Lonestar, and AMPRO Yamaha. Everybody has pretty much stepped it up and made our program even better than it was in the previous year, which is making my job a lot easier.

Walker Fowler - Yamaha YFZ450R ATV
For 2014, Walker Fowler is back with AmPro Yamaha along with many of the same sponsors as last year How is it training with Cole Richardson?
Walker Fowler: Yup. He is now my teammate and we started training last Summer together some, and he kind of came out of nowhere. He went from running the A class to winning the A class and beating all of the Pro-Am riders from a few rows behind. He’s definitely become a training asset down here in Florida whenever he can get away from school. It’s always nice to have someone to ride with, and it’s hard to find your race speed, but when you have a young kid coming up, and you don’t wanna get beat by him, it makes you step it up, so it’s been good.

Walker Fowler - Yamaha YFZ450R ATV
Walker Fowler has been training in Florida during winter with AmPro Yamaha Teammate Cole Richardson So what is your thoughts on going after the GNCC Racing Championship for 2014?
Walker Fowler You know we’ve got a good jump early so that makes my offense a little bit greater, and we’re not behind the ball this year waiting on parts or accessories and the ATV is remaining pretty much the same, so I know how everything is reacting to the track, so I definitely feel a lot more confident going into round one. I’m planning on getting a top three there, and getting on the dirt where I know I can ride good and just starting knocking out some wins. It’s going to be about getting on the podium at every round. Chris (Borich) missed the podium only one time last year, and it’s about beating him, but if he beats you, then you have to be the guy that is sitting right behind him basically to have a chance.

Walker Fowler Win

Walker Fowler earned three wins in the 2013 GNCC racing season Have you had a chance to race down here locally or are you just waiting for the first round of the GNCC Series?
Walker Fowler: We’ve been doing the FTR Race Series down here and Borich made it to one event and of course where he won (laughs Fowler)! And it’s been four rounds now and my results aren’t exactly where I wish they would be, but I do feel better than I I did last year, so hopefully with a little more time the results will come. I’m excited for this year!

Amsoil GNCC ATV Racing Series

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