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2008 Yamaha Raptor 250 ATV Motocross Race Review - Test Ride
Yamaha Raptor 250 ATV Motocross Race Test Review

 Kendall Webb - Yamaha Raptor 250 ATV

Kendall Webb quickly adapted to the Raptor 250, and he was impressed at how well it handled compared to the Blaster Tell us how you would compare the handling of the Raptor 250 compared to that of the Blaster 200?
Kendall Webb: The Suspension on the Raptor 250 is much better than that of the Blaster, and the new Raptor was much easier to handle and turn than the Blaster, and I am sure the lower center of gravity and smaller rear tires made a big difference. What about the weight of the two machines?
Kendall Webb: From the specs on the Raptor it is only about 10 pounds less than the Blaster, but it feels even lighter on the track. The Raptor gives you a much better sense of control. When you jump, and I’m not a big jumper, it is easy to throw around because of its weight and the shocks on the Raptor were much better for the impact of the landing. What about the speed of the Raptor?
Kendall Webb: This would be about the only advantage I would give to the Blaster. That is sometimes going to also depend on the rider. With the Blaster being a two-stroke it was easy to get off the line if you know how to feather the clutch. I could go to small indoor races in the winter time and race with the 450’s on my Blaster and beat them because it would get off the line faster and they could not pass me. For a four-stroke machine this Raptor really takes off fast, like the YFZ. Once you are riding the Raptor it will be much easier for most riders because you don’t have to keep it revved up so high in the corners to get it to take off. If you are an experienced rider or not the RPMs will stay up for you on the Raptor.

 Kendall Webb - Yamaha Raptor 250 ATV

Kendall Webb finished out his racing debut on the Raptor 250 in 3rd Overall, which was his first MX race since racing the Blaster 200 Overall what do you think about the new Raptor 250 compared to your riding days on the Blaster?
Kendall Webb: Although I enjoyed my days on the Blaster, I think the overall handling and comfort of the Raptor 250 would have won me over if they would have been available when I was riding the Blaster. The Raptor is much easier to ride and definitely looks better. This is a great ATV for anyone just wanting to trail ride or race. Kendall, thank you for your time and good luck to you in the future.
Kendall Webb: Thank you and I had a great time here in California. It was great to go to the race track just for fun.

We listened in on several conversations amongst the riders in the pits before during and after the race and all of the twelve participants enjoyed this new Raptor 250. From the low-end torque provided by the quick revving engine, the five speed transmission (exclusive to its class), to its light weight and easy to control quad, the Raptor definitely has the rider in mind.

It also provides the longest suspension travel in its class as well as providing the lowest seat for easier handling. Maintenance is also easy on the Raptor with all of the grease fittings and lubrication points being easily accessible.

Both the Raptor 250 and Raptor 250SE were named the 2008 Consumers Digest Best Buys in the Sport ATV category for 2008. The Raptor 250 has set a new standard in the industry for this class with it being a sport quad from the ground up. Look to see many of these machines on the trails, in the sand, and on the race track as Yamaha has done an outstanding job of replacing the Blaster with the new Raptor 250. This quad without a doubt will provide some serious fun for the ATV enthusiast.

Yamaha Motors

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