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2016 Can-Am Defender SxS / UTV Review

2016 Can-Am Defender UTV Drive Review
2016 Can-Am Defender H8 & H10 UTV

Nebo, IL (2/14/2016) - For 2016 Can-Am added a new model to their UTV lineup with the release of the Can-Am Defender, which is Can-Am first utility recreation UTV with more of an empathize on work than play to compete with the Polaris Ranger, John Deere XUV, and Honda Pioneer models. As usual, Can-Am took its own path and created a unique UTV that can get the job done and still be fun to drive with the release of the Can-Am Defender H8 and H10.
2016 Can-am Defender UTV
For 2016, Can-am released the all new Defender UTV model lineup

When we received our invite to test drive, we didn’t know what to expect from Can-Am for 2016, so we invited 2x Terracross Pro UTV champion and retired Pro ATV Motocross racer, Jason Luburgh, to come along as our test driver/rider with years of ATV and UTV riding experience, and as we expected he provided some great insight on how the machine performed and also really put it to the test at more of a sport recreational speed.

2016 Can-am Defender UTV
Harpole's Heartland Lodge in Nebo, IL

We had the opportunity to put the Can-Am Defender to the test at Harpole’s Heartland Lodge in Nebo, IL, located just northwest of Saint Louis, MO. The lodge is famous for whitetail deer hunting and is utilized by hunters from all around the world. There are plenty of fields and hilly terrain you would not expect to find in Illinois. Outside of the hunting season, the lodge opens up trails for recreational off-road use, and it provided the perfect location for a great mixture of terrain to test drive the new Can-Am Defender models.

2016 Can-am Defender UTV

Another nice thing about the Harpole’s Heartland Lodge is we stayed right on the property in one there beautiful lodge buildings. Everyone had their own room and breakfast, lunch, and dinner were provided each day. It was old fashioned, country style living, and very well organized. “It gave everyone a sense of comradery. The food was amazing and the hospitality was great. They were really concerned with how comfortable we were,” said Luburgh. The lodge proved to be a beautiful location and was a great place to test out the Can-Am Defender.

Unlike the original Cam-Am Commander that came out in 2010 that was more geared toward recreation, the Defender is a true work oriented machine. The Can-Am Defender is still great for recreational use, but it is more of a purpose built vehicle intended to get the job done for hunters, farmers, and workers.

2016 Can-am Defender UTV

Can-Am has always been an innovator. When they come out with a new machine they go out side the box, and that’s one thing immediately noticeable with the Can-Am Defender’s unique features.

The all new positioning of the driver’s seat and hood is a huge advantage for the Defender. The hood is one of the shortest in its class, allowing the driver to sit close enough to look over the vehicle. This really makes the driver feel in control, allowing for a more confident ride. “The seat was really comfortable for a bench seat, more comfortable then the competition. I also like how far forward you are on the machine, right on the front end so you can see where your going really well,” stated Luburgh.

2016 Can-am Defender UTV
The bench seats on the Can-Am Defender features removable under seat storage, which is easy to access by flipping up the seat

One of the aspects we liked about the Defender the most was the seating arrangement. The seats folded up and out of the way, providing storage boxes underneath which can be added or removed and used as an ice chest, a first in the industry.

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