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2017 TORC Series
Round #2
Chicagoland Slam
Joliet, Illinois
May 14, 2017

TORC Series

Tim Farr Takes Pro Mod UTV Points Lead With Win
2017 TORC Off-Road Championship Round 2Pro UTV Race Report

2017 TORC Series
Chicagoland Slam
Joliet, IL (05/14/2017) - Tim Farr and CJ Greaves dominated the second round of TORC Off Road Championship presented by AMSOIL UTV racing during the Chicagoland Slam at the Dirt Track at Route 66 Raceway. Farr led every lap of the Pro Modified race in his Can-Am X3, while Greaves won his second consecutive Pro Stock race in a Yamaha YXZ 1000 in similar fashion.
TORC Racing Pro SxS Podium

TORC Pro Mod SxS / UTV Podium (left to right)
Kyle Chaney (2nd), Tim Farr (1st), Drew Schultz (3rd)

Nearly 100 UTVs turned up for the opening doubleheader round and 20 made each of the fields through qualifying. The 16-lap finals were held on the oval and infield of the dirt track. The events were each stopped at the halfway point for a competition caution, after which drivers were allowed to take a Joker Lane that cut nearly 20 seconds off one of their final laps. When they took that lane was a matter of strategy and luck.

Chicagoland Slam TORC Pro UTV Racing

2017 TORC Chicagoland Slam Season Opener

Further complicating things were the changing nature of the track during the races. Starting out wet and slick, the track quickly dried during each feature ending in dry and tacky conditions.

In the Pro Modified race Farr took the lead at the start and drove away from the field. Behind him, the battle for second was heated. On lap two, round one winner Rodney VanEperen was up to third. He then took second from Kyle Chaney just before the competition caution.

Tim Farr TORC Pro UTV Racing

JB Racing's Tim Farr was the fastest qualifier on Sunday, which earned him the pole for the start of the 20 UTV Pro Mod Main Event

On the restart, VanEperen’s Yamaha fell out of the race with a broken throttle linkage, handing the second spot to Chaney with Drew Schultz’s Bikeman Polaris in third. While Farr and Chaney drove to first and second-place finishes, the battle for third was intense between Schultz and David Plavi, who was driving in relief of Darin Howie. With his brakes fading, Plavi went wide in the final turn, handing the third spot to Schultz. Plavi was fourth in the Bikeman Polaris, ahead of the Yamaha of Zac Zakowski. Interestingly, four out of the top five were GNCC veterans.

Farr, who finished third in round one on Saturday, worked hard overnight to solve overheating issues that slowed him in the first race. It was clear he fixed those issues when he qualified first and it became even more obvious when he dominated the race, though clean air definitely helped his march.

Tim Farr TORC Pro UTV Racing

Can-Am's Tim Farr held the lead from start to finish to take a dominat win in the Can-Am Maverick X3

“We worked on it yesterday and while it’s still not completely gone, qualifying first and staying in clean air helped today,” said Farr. “The car worked awesome. This Can-Am is really fast.”

After the competition caution, Farr made a tentative move onto the Joker Lane. Many racers try to fake out the competition going into the shortcut lane, but Farr didn’t want to make a mistake.

Tim Farr TORC Pro UTV Racing

Tim Farr took over the TORC Pro Mod UTV Points lead with the win combined with his 3rd place finish on Saturday, which he credits to JB Racing's Jody Bateman for all his work in preparing the Maverick X3

“I threw it in good, but I didn’t want to catch a wet spot and turn it around,” said Farr. “The car was awesome today. It went everywhere I pointed it.”

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