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NE EDT Racing
Round 6 - Busco Beach

Goldsboro, NC
August 21, 2015

NE-EDT Racing

NE EDT Racing Busco Beach ATV Race Report
Brad Riley Wins NEEDT Racing Pro Class

2015 New East EDT
Round 6 - Busco Beach

Goldsboro, NC (8/26/2015) - The New East Extreme Dirt Track series had it’s second double-header of the season this past weekend in Goldsboro, North Carolina at the Busco Beach ATV Park for rounds six and seven. The week leading up to the event had some rains in the forecast but when it came time for the weekend, it was full-sun and hot conditions. The weekend was kicked off in traditional style with practice in the morning, heat races, and then mains after the sun went down. The Pro class saw North Carolina’s own Brad Riley taking the dominating win while Michael Houghton from New York took the win in the Pro-Am class.

NE EDT Racing Pro Podium

NE EDT Racing Pro Podium (left to right)
Chuckie Creech (3rd), Brad Riley (1st), Michael Houghton (2nd)

Two Se7en Motorsports / Houser Racing / MAXXIS Tire’s Brad Riley got off to a mid-pack start during the Pro main event and certainly had his work cut out for him if he wanted to get to the front. Riley immediately started hitting lines that other racers that were ahead of him were not. These maneuvers were in hopes of getting an edge on the other racers and with persistence, it paid off for Riley. He took the inside option lane coming off from the back-stretch to hit the two single jumps and gain an inside line on racers taking the further, smoother outside lane. Riley passed his way up to fourth place where he battled with Brian Ace for the third spot and then battled with Tiffer Bures for second place along with Michael Houghton who was running near the front.

Brad Riley NE EDT Racing

Brad Riley made his way up to the number one spot after getting a mid pack start to take the win in the Pro class at Busco Beach NE EDT

Once around them, Riley was holding down second place for several laps chasing down Chuckie Creech who was running solid up front. Riley’s moment came with about a ΒΌ of the laps left and was able to secure a pass on Creech for the first place spot and eventually hold onto it until the checkered flag flew.

“I knew I had to do a bunch of work to pass these guys and get on the podium. My DASA engine, PEP shocks, and MAXXIS tires were all working great together once again and I was able to put some moves on these guys and get up here. I had to hit all of my shift points perfectly and hit all of the corner apex’s in order to get an edge on these guys. It was a really racey track and I had a lot of fun out there,” said Riley.

Earnhardt Racing / Hoosier Tires / FOX Shox’s Michael Houghton also had a mid-pack start for himself coming out of the holeshot ahead of Riley coming around for the first lap of the race. Houghton made some quick moves for himself as well and worked his way around a few riders until getting into a comfortable spot for himself and into a groove. He began the task of outlasting the other racers as well and eventually moved around Creech to take over the second place spot, which is where he resided until the end of the race, giving him a solid finish and distancing himself from Creech in the points chase as well.

Michael Houghton NE EDT Racing

Michael Houghton finished second in the Pro class

CCR Swaybars / RAGE ATV / Houser Racing / MAXXIS Tire’s Chuckie Creech has had a wild ride the last several weeks between getting his bikes stolen before the last round and then scrambling the entire week putting together a brand new machine literally the morning of this round. Creech put it all together though for himself in the main event and landed on the podium in third place after getting off to a good start and battling hard for twenty laps. Creech held down the front position for several laps after getting around Bures for the number one position, but came under fire quickly by Brad Riley. Eventually, Creech was passed by Houghton as well just before the final laps of the race concluded, however Creech remained strong and landed on the box in third place.

Chuckie Creech NE EDT Racing

Chuckie Creech held down the lead for several laps aboard his fresh Honda 450R. Creech finished third in the Pro Class despite being on a brand new ride

Tru-Way Racing’s Brian Ace and B&B Racing Engine’s Aaron Medlin were battling it out for fourth and fifth place for the majority of the race with Ace coming out on top after riding a solid race and getting a good starting position for himself leaving Medlin to round out the top five in the Pro main.

Brian Ace & Aaron Medlin NE EDT Racing

Brian Ace & Aaron Medlin battled for fourth at fifth in the Pro Main. It was Brian Ace who came out on top finishing fourth & Aaron Medlin rounding out the top five

The Pro-Am class was up next and with six more racers in this class than in the Pro class, the action was sure to be fast and intense.

NE EDT Racing Pro-Am Podium

NE EDT Racing Pro-Am Podium (left to right)
Brian Ace (3rd), Michael Houghton (1st), Andrew Evanyke (2nd)

Earnhardt Racing / Monster Pipe / RATH Racing’s Michael Houghton had a great race in the Pro-Am main event, from the start, all the way to the finish line. Houghton started off by pulling a huge holeshot after his Hoosier tires gripped the dusty ground and launched him from the starting grid in first place. Houghton remained tactful in his approach to each corner of the Busco Beach track and stayed in the blue groove to provide himself with as much traction as possible. With great corner speed and remaining mistake free, Houghton stayed out front and out of the reach from any racer on the track with him, earning a big win for himself in the Pro-Am main event.

Michael Houghton NE EDT Racing

Michael Houghton grabbed the holeshot & lead the entire race to take the win in the NE EDT Pro-Am Class at Busco Beach

“I knew I had to hit my shift points and all of my marks out there if I wanted to stay out front and thankfully I was able to do that. The holeshot was key and I got out front early and was able to distance myself from the rest of the pack and start clicking away the laps. These guys were all really fast tonight but I was able to come out on top with no mechanical issues or mistakes. It feels awesome to get a win for me and the team and I can’t thank my sponsors enough for their help and support this season,” said Houghton on the podium.

Try-Way Racing / RAGE ATV / Walsh Racecraft’s Brian Ace has been a strong runner all season so far and round six in NC was no different for him. Ace got off to a good front-of-the-pack start for himself and began dialing into the track as his Hoosier tires heated up. Ace continued to hit the inside optional lane and let his PEP suspension do their jobs over the two single jumps leading into the tight left hand corner and soak up the shock of the flat landing. Ace stayed true to his lines and remained in second place for the entire main event and put himself on the box after the fifteen-lap contest was over.

Brian Ace NE EDT Racing

Brian Ace stayed consistent taking the inside optional lane & finished second

AE3 Motorsports / RATH Racing / Roberts Racing’s Andrew Evanyke hasn’t seen the podium yet this season, but he changed that fact at this round by scrapping his way up ladder and onto the box in third place. Evanyke got a great holeshot in second place, tucking in behind Houghton who snagged the holeshot to lead the pack into the first corner. Evanyke used this momentum to immediately become a top-contender for the podium and fought hard for the position for the entire main event. Evanyke battled with Ace for the early part of the race but slipped back to third place. This is the position Evanyke remained in for the rest of the race after keeping his lines tight and remaining mistake free, giving him his best finish of his 2015 season.

Andrew Evanyke NE EDT Racing

Andrew Evanyke earned his first podium of the season at Busco Beach in the Pro-Am Class rounding out the Pro-Am class podium

TSI’s Justin Frindt who is the only pilot aboard a Kawasaki in the Pro field, came away with a fourth place finish, his best of the season as well after battling with Close Encounter Whitetail’s Chuckie Creech for the position. Creech was still dialing in his brand-new TRX450R during the Pro-Am main and was able to still finish off with a top five in Pro-Am.

Justin Frindt & Chuckie Creech

#6 Justin Frindt & #25 Chuckie Creech battle for top five positions. Frindt was able to hold off Creech to earn fourth while Creech finished fifth

The next round of the New East Extreme Dirt Track series was the very next day at Busco Beach and we will be having a full race report and photos from the event following this report!

NE EDT Racing

Check back here on and see how the weekend finished out and watch as the racing action get’s even hotter with the points battled heating up!

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