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NE EDT Racing
Round 4 - Pine Lake

Ashtabula, OH
July 18-19, 2015

NE-EDT Racing

NE EDT Racing Pine LakeATV Race Report

Element44 / RATH / Hoosier / O’neals Michael Houghton was at it again himself in the Pro-Am class with another great starting position coming out of the holeshot in second place and battling with Creech for the position.

Michael Houghton NE EDT Racing

Michael Houghton again finished third in the Pro-Am Class

Houghton dropped back a spot around the completion of the first lap and kept the battle progressing until the final laps of the race. Houghton was forced to settle for a third place finish in the main event but is now the points leader of the class after round four. Houghton is eight points ahead of Creech with seventy-six points heading into round five in Pennsylvania next month.

Aaron Medlin NE EDT Racing

Aaron Medlin battled with Kris Bures but would come out on top finishing fourth

Aaron Medlin and Kris Bures had a battle of their own in the Pro-Am race which saw the pair rounding out the top five with Medlin in fourth place and Bures finishing off in fifth after a gnarly crash the night before after a collision with Riley during the heat race.

Kris Bures NE EDT Racing

Kris Bures finished top five, earning fifth in the Pro-Am Class

One of the most unique features of the New East Extreme Dirt Track series is the addition of the Trike or Three-Wheeler class, and at Pine Lake, it was blown through the roof! There were thirty racers in the Pro-Am class alone, which is the premier class within the trike classes.

Daryl Rath, which is a very well known ATV and UTV racer and fabricator came out to the event and found himself aboard a TPC Trikes TPC 450R machine for the event and also found himself some competition! Rath came off the line and won his own money back for the Rath Holeshot Award by taking a big holeshot ahead of Darryle Stephenson, Jacob Hall and Fred Morrell. Rath, being the early leader, had an advantage heading into the course without having to deal with the dust but was getting into lapped riders and had a lot of pressure behind him from Jacob Hall soon into the race.

Daryl Rath NE EDT Racing

Daryl Rath earned the holeshot & the win in the ever popular Trike Class

Hall tried his hardest on the last few laps of the race to get around Rath and was able to pass him on the very last corner of the race, which comes out of the bowl turn and out onto the front stretch. With Hall putting all of his effort into passing Rath on the jump, he was caught off guard as he lost his momentum and Rath was able to slip back underneath of him and put down the power more smoothly and pass Hall back before the finish line to take the win! The Trike class will be at every round for this season so be sure to come check it out!

The next round, round five of the series, will be held at a brand new facility in Latrobe, Pennsylvania at Latrobe Speedway. The new track is a highly anticipated new addition to the series and is sure to be a fun and fast track! Be sure to come check out the racing action on August 8th and see what the New East Extreme Dirt Track racing series is all about!

NE-EDT Racing
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