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NE EDT Racing Series
Round 4 - Black Ankle

Star, North Carolina
September 13, 2014

New East Extreme Dirt Track  ATV Racing

NE EDT Racing Amateur Report
Nate Dawydko Wins NE EDT 200 / 400cc Class

New East Extreme Dirt Track
Round 4 Links

Star, NC (10/2/2014) –The Hellbound Racing New Extreme Dirt Track Series headed to Star, North Carolina to Black Ankle Speedway for the final rounds of the 2014 season on September 13, 2014.  

Almost every local and national weather forecaster was calling for a long wet weekend so a lot of tough decisions had to be made for a lot of racers before the event even started on whether to make the long trip or stay home.  Rain has been the theme for 2014 for every race series this summer so the forecast calling for rain wasn’t anything new and sometimes you just don’t know what Mother Nature really has planned.  By 10am Saturday the rain had stopped and the racers who made the trip where greeted by the blazing North Carolina sun and partly cloudy skies and a slight breeze so we knew the track would come in quick. With the North Carolina red clay and all the rain it turned the track into a speedway, which would make for some of the best track conditions and racing for the 2014 season.
The 200/400cc class was up first in what was one of the most anticipated races for this final round of racing. 4 riders where separated by only 6 points for the 2014 championship and this was basically a winner take all race. Damien King, Nate Dawydko, Robbie Hetzer, and Nicholas Stepo, who all had a chance to walk away with the #1 plate all came to the line and where joined by the other riders who wanted to see what they could do also in this final round.  

Jason Fisher NE EDT Holeshot
Nate Dawydko won the NEEDT 200/400 Class Championship

As the riders took off it was Nate Dawydko who would captured the Macken Sewage $50 Holeshot award and be your early race leader. As they crossed the line for lap one it was Nate Dawydko in first followed by Damien King, Robbie Hetzer, Braydon Kirnec, and Nicholas Stepo your top 5 riders. Damien king had other plans in mind as he made a pass on lap 2 and made it stick to take over the lead.  Damien would then start pulling away from the pack as he was being chased by Nate Dawydko and Robbie Hetzer.  About the half way point unfortunately Damien King who had a nice lead at that point and the championship in hand had to pull off the track due to mechanical issues, this moved Nate up to the 1st place spot.  Nate Dawydko would be the winner and the 2014 NEEDT 200/400 champion followed by Robbie Hetzer, and Nicholas Stepo would make a last lap pass on Braydon Kirnec to get the final spot on the podium.
Next up was the Women’s class where Paula Shank had secured the 2014 Women's Championship at round 3, but several other riders where battling for those final top 3 spots so we all knew this was going to be a great race. 

As all the women came to the line it would be Alyssa Noel who would capture the Macken Sewage $50 Holeshot award as the early race leader. As they crossed the line for lap one it would be Alyssa Noel, Ashley Holder, Paula Shank, Dana Elgin, and Alexis Scott the top 5 riders.  Ashley Holder was able to get around Alyssa Noel to gain the lead and after a few laps Paula Shank moved up to the number 2 spot.  With only a few laps to go, Dana Elgin used an inside option lane and made a pass on Alyssa Noel to move to the final podium spot. Your winner would be Ashley Holder, followed by Paula Shank, and Dana Elgin your top 3 podium women riders.
As the race moved into the main events it was the Jeff’s Remodeling NE EDT pro-lite class  (top amateur) that came to the line first.  The Percise / Hoosier/  Tru-way Racing Honda TRX450r piloted by Jason Fisher already had captured the 2014 NE EDT Pro-Lite Championship in the prior round but he was looking for a clean sweep for the season as all the other riders joined him at the line.  As the riders took off, it would be none other than Jason Fisher who would put his claim on the $100 Macken Sewage Holeshot award as they rounded the first lap.  As they crossed the line of the 12 lap main event it would be Jason Fisher in first, followed by Lance Martin, Corin Lambeth, Chris Landreth, Andy Sier, and Caden Pope your top 5 riders.  At about the half way point, Jason Fisher had a comfortable lead followed by Corin Lambeth, and Chris Landreth for your top 3 podium positions where they would remain for the remainder of the race.  Jason Fisher would be the winner, followed by Corin Lambeth in 2nd, and Chris Landreth for the final podium spot.
The top youth riders where up next, as the Jeff’s Remodeling Supermini Class came to the line. With a $470 purse up for grabs along with another $100 Macken Sewage Holeshot award the fastest TT outh riders meant business as they pulled to the line.  As they took off it would be Dylan Dworak who would capture the $100 Macken Sewage Holeshot award and be the early race leader.  As they crossed the line for lap 1 it would be Dylan Dworak your leader, followed by Ashton Russell, Kohl Moore, Taylor Jennings, Tyler King and Tanner Taylor your top 5 riders.  As the race went on Dylan Dworak and Ashton Russell would put on a show fighting for that first place spot from the start to the checkered flag, and Tanner Terry, Taylor Jennings, Braxton Vick, and Tyler King would battle out for most of the race for the 4th place spot in what was another exciting part of the race to watch. Kohl Moore with a battle brewing behind him and in front of him was able to ride comfortably for the entire race in the #3 spot. As they crossed the checkered flag it would be Dylan Dworak the winner, followed by Ashton Russell in 2nd, and Kohl Moore for the final podium spot.  Ashton Russell with his 2nd place finish though would capture the 2014 NEEDT Supermini Championship as he also had captured the 2014 90cc NE EDT championship earlier that day.  Ashton Russell finished the season with a broken arm, but you would never of known it and should be congratulated on a remarkable season as the series top youth rider.

For more information about the NE EDT Racing Series please visit us at and “Like” our Facebook page. Garrett Hamilton from Garrett Hamilton photography was one hand as photos are available to purchase on The NE EDT Racing Series Awards Banquet will take place on October 18th in McGaheysville, Virginia at Massanutten Hotel and Resort. Congratulations to all the 2014 NE EDT National Champions. Some exciting news is happening soon as the anticipation for the 2015 season has already started

New East Extreme Dirt Track  ATV Racing

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