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Iowa ATV Hare Sramble Series
Montezuma, Iowa
Fun Valley - Round 7

Photos By: THEDE Photography

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2007 AA ATV Champion
#3 Duane Johnson
Montezuma, IA - The 4th season of the Iowa ATV Harescramble Series drew to a close on October 07, 2007, at the Fun Valley track in Montezuma, IA. Series points leader, Duane Johnson, was MIA for the season final after wrapping up the championship with his fifth win of the season at Mt. Pleasant. For Michael Burrows, Johnson’s absence from the lineup opened up the opportunity for a season first win, and Burrows wasted no time taking over the lead in the second lap of the race and checked out on the rest of the pack to take 1st place in his class. Derrick Schroch, who was in third for series points had to battle his way back up through the pack after a bad start and landed himself a respectable second place finish.
The final round of the season was held at Fun Valley Ski Resort
A light sprinkling of rain just before the AA class lined up made track conditions ideal, with very little mud and no dust. The 4 ½ mile track consisted of a lot of natural terrain that included a two mile stretch of tight woods, wide open fast areas, some off camber technical sections and also a little bit of MX. “There was a tight section off the start and there were a lot of one-lane sections in the woods, which made it hard to pass.” Said AA class racer, Jason Gudde.

#6 Jason Gudde out ran #171 Michael Burrows to the first turn for the Holeshot

Despite the tight section off the start, Gudde still managed to grab the holeshot followed by Michael Burrows, Todd Gilham and Jeff Schroch. “Jason got the holeshot on me and he stayed out front until the second lap when I went for the pass and took over the lead.” Stated Michael Burrows. Once Burrows got around Gudde, he put an impressive six-minute lead on the rest of the pack over the course of the 11-lap race. Burrows also recorded the fastest lap time of the day with a 10:48 time in his ninth lap.

#4 Derrick Schrock
#6 Jason Gudde

While Burrows and Gudde were leading, Derrick Schroch was busy battling his way back from a slow start. “I was next to last in the holeshot.” Derrick explained. “I charged hard and was able to work my way up to 6th place by the end of the 1st lap. I caught up to Jason (Gudde) on the second lap and we battled a little bit until he got caught behind a lapper and I was able to get around him.” Schrock concluded. Schrock, who just started racing three years ago (An IATVHSS event was his first-ever race), has had an impressive year by winning the first race of the 2007 season at Indianola, and taking the IATVHSS podium an additional three times throughout the year.

#171 Michael Burrows claims his first win of the season, and finishes 2nd in points behind Duane Johnson
When the checkered flag was waved, Michael Burrows was in the lead, claiming his first win of the season, followed by Derrick Schroch in second, and Jason Gudde made his first appearance of the season on the podium, in third. Rounding out the top five for the AA class was Zac Johnson in fourth and Jerome Rewerts in fifth.

Dates and venues for the 2008 season have yet to be confirmed, but series organizer, Andy Kyner will more than likely be sticking to an April through October, 7-race format, which has proved to be quite successful for the series with many racers pledging to return next year in hopes of getting their shot at the IATVHSS championship.

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