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Parker 250 ATV Race
January 6, 2018

Best in the Desert Racing - BITD Series

Best in the Desert - Parker 250 - ATV Race Report
Josh Row & Travis Dillon Take BITD Pro Quad Win

Parker 250 ATV & SxS Links
Parker, AZ (1/28/2018) - Josh Row and Travis Dillon teamed back up for the first time in 10 years and won the Best in the Desert Series Pro ATV season opener: The GMZ Winter Nationals Casey Folks Parker 250 presented by Polaris. Defending Pro class champions David Scott, Cody Mitchell, and Jeremy Gray finished second, followed by Duncan Racing’s Erin and Drew Simmons, along with Mike Sloan. Driven Powersports’ Don Higbee, Dofo Arellano, and Felipe Velez finished fourth.
Josh Row BITD Racing
Josh Row & Travis Dillon teamed up to take the Best in the Desert Parker 250 Pro Quad Win at the season opener

Unlike last year, which was run under frigid temperatures and rain, this year’s event was held under sunny skies with temperatures in the 80s. The dry conditions with little wind led to visibility issues, especially in the low areas of the track where dust just hung in the air.

The ATVs left the line just before sunrise. Starting in single-file fashion, the riders started in 30-second intervals. Gray left the line first and was putting in a strong run before he collided with a rock and flattened a tire, allowing Row to reel him in. At the finish, Row was just 30 seconds behind and won the race on adjusted time.

Josh Row BITD Racing
Q17's Josh Row started the race for the team & he quickly worked his way into a battle for the lead

Row and Dillon grew up racing ATVs together since they were children, so it seemed to be a perfect fit for them to team up and contend for the BITD title this season. They are off to a good start after last racing BITD together over a decade ago.

“Travis and I have been riding quads together since we were kids,” explained Row. “We raced our first BITD race together in 2007 on a quad my dad put together. We’ve been racing against each other ever since then. It was cool to team up this year. I still had my quad from WORCS and I really wanted to make an effort to go for the championship in Best in the Desert. It’s something I haven’t done, so I figured why not this year?”

Travis Dillon BITD Racing
Q17's Travis Dillon took over on the second lap with Josh Row taking over on the final lap to bring it in for the win on adjusted time

The team worked every angle they could to get their Honda on the starting line. That hard work paid off for Travis Dillon as he scored his first-ever BITD Pro class win.

“I raced the Baja 1000 last month and here and there, but this was my first BITD race since 2013,” said Dillon. “We begged and borrowed to get here, so it’s pretty cool to see it all pay off. There’s nothing like coming out here with your friends and family and get a win.”

Travis Dillon BITD Racing
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