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Suzuki Looks Back on 25 Years of ATV Success

Brea, CA (4/15/2008) - In 1983, Suzuki was “First on 4 Wheels” with the introduction of the Suzuki LT125. With one single machine, Suzuki converted a three-wheel world to four. From that moment on, Suzuki was committed to finding innovative ways to excite the marketplace, and the manufacturer pioneered a series of “Firsts.” By listening to consumers, and continually reinventing its successes, Suzuki has firmly established itself as the innovation leader of the industry. From the original LT125, to the first youth ATV - the 1984 Suzuki LT50 - to the bold powerhouse of the KingQuad, to the race-ready QuadRacer R450, Suzuki continues to prove that “First on 4 Wheels” can also mean Best of 4 Wheels.

1983 Suzuki LT125: The New Suzuki 4x6
1983 Suzuki LT125 ATV QuadRunner

1983 Suzuki LT125 QuadRunner

“Experience a riding sensation you’ve never felt before! The new all-terrain 4x6 from Suzuki. With the addition of the 4th wheel, all-terrain riding enters the 4th dimension.”

This ad copy helped change the world, or at least the ATV world, as Suzuki gave birth to the industry’s first 4-wheeler, the LT125. With an automatic clutch and six speeds - including reverse - this new 4-wheeler weighed just 284 pounds. It was a lightweight of epic proportions. The 1983 Suzuki LT125 had a retail price of $1188.

1984 Suzuki LT50: Building the Family
1984 Suzuki LT50 QuadRunner ATV

1984 Suzuki LT50 QuadRunner

“The Quadrunner 50: Turning off-roading into child’s play. Thanks to the Quadrunner’s unique 4-wheel design, young riders get a sensation of off-road stability and confidence that just wasn’t possible before, and because the simple 1-speed transmission and automatic clutch need no shifting or clutch coordination”.

As the first in the industry to produce a youth ATV, Suzuki was able to show that off-road recreation was a family affair. The 1984 Suzuki LT50 weighed just 106 pounds and had a retail price of $599.

1985 Suzuki LT250R: Suzuki Injects Performance into ATV Industry
1985 Suzuki LT250R ATV QuadRacer

1985 Suzuki LT250R ATV

The race-inspired LT250R was the inception for Suzuki “race ready” ATVs. With its water-cooled two-stroke powerplant and adjustable long-travel suspension, racers were lining up to compete aboard Suzuki ATVs. Race legend Gary Denton earned many victories with his LT250R.

“The first high performance 4-wheeler” carried a suggested retail price of $2,299. It also featured an aluminum swingarm, triple hydraulic disc brakes, aluminum wheels, and more performance features.

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