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2007 Suzuki KingQuad 450 4x4
Press Release

KingQuad 450 4x4 Links
Brea, CA (9/28/06) - Introducing the Suzuki KingQuad 450. That's right, we took all the award-winning features of the KingQuad 700 and brought it to the 450 class. Now you can get all the features of Suzuki's flagship ATV, but in a package that offers the best value in its class. Suzuki brings all the valuable features to the class: styling, engine performance, electronic fuel injection, independent rear suspension, locking front differential and a host of other valuable features mean the KingQuad 450 leads its class in value and performance.

The KingQuad lineage is important to Suzuki and it is important that the new KingQuad 450 builds on the storied name. When the original KingQuad was introduced to the world in 1991, it was a revolutionary ATV. Revolutionary is a strong word but history has judged it to be true.

At a time when solid rear axles were commonplace, Suzuki brought independent rear suspension and a locking front differential to the ATV world. At a time when a five speed transmission was the lap of luxury, KingQuad owners got the most innovative transmission on the market. High, low and super-low ranges gave the original KingQuad owners 15 drive options. The original KingQuad delivered utility performance with comfortable trail manners. The original KingQuad established Suzuki in the ATV Market. The KingQuad 700 solidified Suzuki's legacy to the industry. Now the KingQuad 450 sets the new standard for a whole class of ATVs.

Powerful Engine
King Quad 450 Engine
In order to live up to the KingQuad badge, the engine has to be at the forefront of performance. This single-cylinder engine takes all its cures from its big brother. The engine offers superb low-end power for days spent working hard, but also has the top-end power for days spent enjoying the trail.

Just like the KingQuad 700, the KingQuad 450 has an engine cylinder that is pitched forward 48 degrees. This keeps the center of gravity low for superior trail performance. Keeping the center of gravity low means the KingQuad 450 can outhandle the competitor.

On top of the cylinder is an advanced four-valve, single overhead cam head (SOHC). By having four valves (two intake and two exhaust), the engine delivers great acceleration and hill-climbing ability.

The intake tract for the KingQuad 450 is absolutely straight. That means that air has no obstruction getting from the airbox to the throttle body. No obstruction means faster throttle response.

The tract is of downdraft-type construction; at higher rpm, the air flows more efficiently than traditional horizontal intakes like those of the KingQuad 450’s competitors.

On top of that intake tract is an airbox with the largest capacity of any machine in its class. Again, better airflow means more torque when you need it and more power when it counts.

Class-Leading Electronic Fuel Injection Technology
Feeding the powerful engine is an Electronic Fuel Injection system with a 35mm throttle body. No other machine in its class has Electronic Fuel Injection. This technology Suzuki brings you the features you want to the class in which you are interested.

From the earliest engines, a precise fuel and air ratio was crucial for producing the maximum amount of power. Suzuki knows Electronic Fuel Injection through its development of its race-proven line of GSX-R motorcycles. It successfully incorporated this knowledge into the KingQuad 700, and now the KingQuad 450.

With two three-dimensional fuel maps, the injection system tracks all the critical adjustments to create the best possible fuel/air ratio for the conditions. With Electronic Fuel Injection, the throttle feed and response is consistent at all times. While ATVs with a carburetor-fed engine will experience hard starting in low temperatures or in the higher elevations, Electronic Fuel Injection means the KingQuad 450 will start while other falter.

It is simple, really. Whatever the elevation, whatever the air temperature, thanks to Electronic Fuel Injection technology, the KingQuad 450 will deliver consistent performance and power. And the KingQuad 450 is the only machine in its class that gives you this performance.

Front Diffeerential Lock
What do you want to do today? Where do you want the KingQuad 450 to take you? Rest assured, whatever your decision, this ATV is prepared to do it. From the transmission to the limited-slip front differential, the KingQuad 450 has all the tools a powerful ATV needs.

You want to ride in two-wheel drive on trails? Go ahead. Two-wheel drive is best for smooth, recreational trail rides. If a muddy and rocky hill climb appears, simply switch to four-wheel drive with an easy-to-use handlebar switch. This engages a limited-slip front differential so both the rear and front tires are providing grip. And if you need the raw pulling power of a locked front differential, the same switch engages the front differential lock. By locking the front differential, the KingQuad 450 can pull through the toughest conditions with equal power provided to both front tires.

Suzuki’s QuadMatic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) puts the power to the ground. It is an automatic, which means you can concentrate on the trail ahead without worrying about being in the right gear; it’s always in the right gear. The gear ratio is constantly adjusting to deliver the proper amount of torque and power. When descending hills, Suzuki adds an engine braking system to control vehicle speed and to minimize freewheeling.

Drive Selector
Drive-Mode Button

A conveniently located drive selector – to switch between reverse, neutral, high and low gears – features gate-style construction for the easy selection of gears. And when the conditions call for it, a rider can access the engine’s full-power while in reverse using a handlebar-mounted override button.

King Quad 450 Front View
Just because the KingQuad 450 is able to work hard, doesn’t mean it has to look like it isn’t capable of having fun. Aggressive lines highlight the same look that established the KingQuad 700 on the trail and out at work in the field. From the class-leading Suzuki Quadracer R450 to the big bore power of the KingQuad 700 and now the KingQuad 450, the Suzuki engineers know the importance of performance “under the hood,” but maintaining a look that screams performance.

Suzuki’s hallmark – the T-shaped seat – is included on the KingQuad 450. This is not only designed for form, but function, too. Sit on the seat, shift your weight as if you were riding down your favorite trail. Feel how easy it is to transition your body weight? That is the function of the seat. It gives all-day comfort while out on the trail. The seat height of the KingQuad 450 is comfortable 860mm (33.9 inches).

Full floorboards with aggressive footpegs keep the feet where they should be while riding. And the floorboards help keep feet dry for comfort.

T-Shaped Seat
Instrument Panel

Thinking about installing a winch? Most owners will add a winch within months of their purchase. Suzuki realizes the importance of adding a winch, so Suzuki engineers have aided installation. A nice large mounting area is provided behind the front bumper, and mounting brackets provide a good spot for a mounting plate. A wiring conduit makes it a snap to route wiring back to the ATV’s battery, too. Finally there is a spot set aside in the battery compartment that is convenient for mounting the winch’s solenoid.

There is also plenty of storage on the KingQuad 450. The front storage compartment – convenient for small, loose items like gloves, maps, keys, etc. – is easily accessible and water resistant.

Chassis Performance
Along with the engine, the chassis of the KingQuad 450 is what sets this machine apart from the rest of its class. Riding comfort for people of all sizes was taken into consideration from the start of this project. The goal was to create a machine that could handle the work required of it, but still remain light and nimble.

In the front, a dual A-arm suspension sets the machine up to absorb the bumps on the trail. 5-way preload adjustable shock absorbers with 180mm (7.1 inches) of travel give a smooth ride. The rear features an independent setup.
Each wheel has 206mm (8.1 inches) of travel for superior absorption of many obstacles. The goal is simple, let the chassis and shock absorbers do its job so you can do your job.

Need to stop? Hydraulic disc brakes in the front help slow the KingQuad 450 down. The front caliper squeezes a 200mm diameter disc. Helping to slow the newest KingQuad in the rear is a three-plate sealed-disc brake system. When the brake is applied the plates are squeezed to produce friction, thus slowing the machine.

A strong and durable plastic skid plate along the entire length of the bottom of the frame. Plastic plate contributes to protect the front and rear half shafts, too.

2007 Suzuki King Quad 450 4x4
Solid Black
Flame Red
Tarra Green

American Suzuki

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