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DirtWorks Motorsports Releases ATV 24 Volt Starting Systems
Honda TRX450R & KTM 450/525XC Models

Willow Springs, MO (11/6/2009) -DirtWorks Motorsports is proud to announce the release of their new 24 volt battery kit for Honda TRX450R and KTM 450/525XC models. These are complete systems including all components except battery, necessary to provide fast 24 volt starting power for holeshots and restarts with a hot engine. 24 volt power is provided directly to the starter, and not to the remaining electrical system. Months of testing have insured that these systems will hold up to the rigors of XC racing.

Dirt Works Motorsports - Honda 450R ATV Battery Box
Dirt Works Motorsports - KTM 450/525XC ATV Battery Box
The Dirt Works Motorsports Honda 450R Battery Kit ($179.95)
The Dirt Works Motorsports KTM 450/525XC Battery Kit ($189.95)

The kits come with complete instructions and step by step photos so that anyone can install at home in their garage. Battery boxes are water jet cut from 5052 aluminum and tig welded for strength.. Custom cables are included with copper lugs and plastic jacketing specific to each model. These kits take the mystery out of 24 Volt starting systems, and anyone can gain the same advantage of a factory race team.

For additional information visit or call (417) 469-3478. Retail pricing is $179.95 for TRX450R models, and $189.95 for KTM models.

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