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AZOP Cinder Mountain OHV ATV Race

Arizona Offroad Promotions Cinder Mountain OHV Race
ATV, SxS / UTV, & Motorcycle XC Racing

Flagstaff, AZ (8/13/2013) - Saturday the Arizona Off Road Promotions series held a 100 mile hare scramble event in the pine trees of Flagstaff Arizona within the Cinder Mountain OHV area. This unique riding area is located next to the Sunset Crater National Monument.

The sunset crater was formed 900 years ago by a large volcanic eruption. The Cinders OHV area gets its name from the results of the eruption which are billions of tiny cinder rocks. It is similar to riding on sand and the area is notorious for big whoops and tree roots.

AZOP Cinder Mountain OHV ATV Race
Arizonia Off-Road Promotions held an ATV & SxS / UTV race at the Cinders OHV area

The AZOP team laid out a unique 18.5 mile loop that consisted of many trails that have never been raced on before. The first race of the day was the Mini and Pee wee bikes and quads. Gunner Deatherage took the win in the 65cc Mini C class while Marcus Harris won the ATV 80cc class.

Next up was the big bikes. There were over 70 bikes entered in 18 different classes. The bikes started 4 at a time to tackle the challenging whoops and winding trails for the next 2+ hours. The Open Pro class was won by Steve Gibson who completed 5 laps in 2:03:41. Cameron Hakes won the 125-250cc A class completing 5 laps in 2:06:46. Clay Hengeveld took home the win in the 125-250cc B class and Demetreus Yellowhare won the C division which was the largest class of the day with 12 riders. The Open A division was conquered by Thomas Allen completing 5 laps in 2:08:34.

The Open B class had the biggest surprise of the day because the winner Thomas Allen, a Flagstaff local won the class and had the fastest time of the day including the Open Pro class. Thomas shyly admitted he hadn’t raced in a long time and was unsure which class to choose. The Open C class had 10 riders and Dustin Nez took home first completing 5 laps in 2:28:35.

In the age group classes Brad Millikan, Dustin Bluth, and Eric Neidhardt won the Vet 30+ A, B, and C classes respectively. While Scott Freymuller, Trent Derosia, and Eric Bunton took home first prize in the Senior 40+ A, B, and C classes.

Mark Buckholz won the Masters 50+ A class byn under a minute while completing 5 laps in 2:20 over Randy Moss. The Masters B class was won by Gary Peterson. Jennifer Mannie was the only female with the guts to take on the Cinder Mountain completing 4 laps in 2:07. There were two teams entered in the team class with the victory going to Team Alexander from St George, Utah.

The next race of the day was the big quads. There were 33 quads on the line in 4 different classes. The Open Pro class had 9 entries and an excellent battle for first prize with the victory going to Chandler Waxman over Matt Hancock by 40 seconds. Chandler completed 5 laps in 2:16:52. Doug Dunn a local rider took home first in the Open Expert class and Vladimir Medina bested 11 others in the Open Sportsmen class. Team Smith-Harris was the only team entered in the Team class and they completed 4 laps in 2:16:16.

The Mini bikes and quads took the trail next. Jarrett Curley won the 80-150cc B class and Skyler Thomas won the C class. Jessica Merrill bested 4 others in the 91-300cc division.

The last race of the day was the UTV’s. The AZOP added UTV’s a few weeks prior to the race and 4 UTV’s showed up to complete. Norm Graham won the Sportsmen class and Todd Jespersen won the UTV Expert class. AZOP plans to include UTV’s in many more of their upcoming races!

Full race results for all classes can be viewed HERE.

The next race for the AZOP series is tentatively scheduled for September 14th. For more information and the latest news please visit Or visit us on facebook

Arizona Offroad Promotions

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