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Ray Martinez: History of REM Performance ATV Racing Products

Ray Martinez: History of REM Performance
ATV Aluminum Nerf Bars, Bumpers, Grab Bars, Skid Plates, & More

REM Performance ATV Racing Foot Pegs
REM Performance ATV Racing Foot Peg with an aggressive teeth criss-cross design, which is made out of steel and mounted to the aluminum nerf bars to minimize wear and extend the life of the product
REM has also taken careful consideration in designing their foot pegs as well. “We didn’t want to make an all aluminum foot peg because they wear down to easily”, Ray explained. “We make them out of steel and incorporate a criss-cross design and aggressive teeth that allows for better grip.” REM’s products are all about durability and performance not only for racers, but also for recreational riders. “We want to make sure our products stand up to what our consumers can dish out. We believe that our products should last and not have to be replaced frequently,” Ray concluded.

REM’s dedication to durability is not only recognized by consumers, but also by manufacturers as well. “We stared doing some OEM parts for Kawasaki back in 2003-2004 and we provide a lot of OEM products for Polaris,” Ray said. REM provides nerf bars, bumpers, grab bars, heel guards and skid plates for Polaris’s sport quad line. “We are very proud to be able to have our brand featured on their machines. We really enjoy working with the OEM’s to help them get a good product out there.”

REM Performance ATV Front Bumper Polaris Outlaw
REM Performance ATV Aluminum Nerf Bars & Heal Guards
REM Performance produces all the Polaris Outlaw ATV Aluminum Accessories

REM’s product line mainly consists of products for the 450cc race quads, but they do have plans to expand their line of products not only to other types of quads, but also side-by-sides. “ The SxS market is really popular right now and we will be coming out with products for the Yamaha Rhinos, Polaris RzR’s and the new Hondas. In addition we are also expanding into the automotive aspect. We are doing skid plates for race trucks for desert racing and such,” Ray said enthusiastically. REM also is working on accessories for police motorcycles to help make things a little easier for the men in blue. The products for the police cruisers include gun racks, holders for ticket books and lighting.

REM Performance ATV Products
REM Performance ATV Products
REM Performance business extends outside of the ATV market, and they make parts for computers and police cruiser motorcycles

“Our passion lies in the ATV industry, but we have to make our bread and butter to,” Ray said in regards to REM’s other industry of manufacturing computer and hard drive cases. “We have a deal with a couple of companies up in Washington State and that’s how we make our money and fund the ATV side of things,” he concluded.

As busy as REM Performance seems to be, they still have a remarkable turn around time in doing R&D, testing and production of products, which in part, is due to their in-house manufacturing. “We can develop a product in about 4 days, then we give it to our racers to test and give feedback, and then we can usually put that product into production in about 4-5 weeks,” Ray said confidently. Ray is also happy to emphasize that all of REM’s products are 100% “made in America”. REM Performances’ passion and dedication to what they do is apparent in the high quality associated with their products, and Ray Martinez’s drive to put out new and innovative products is certainly a bonus for the industry and consumers alike.

REM Performance ATV Tubing
REM Performance ATV Aluminum Rear Grab Bar
Nearly every step of the product development life-cycle (bending,cutting, stamping, and welding) is done in house at REM Performance

You can see the full line of REM Performances products and prices, and check out their sponsored racers’ profiles by visiting

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