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Thread: Underwater Welding

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    Underwater Welding

    Is anyone here an underwater welder? What's it like? I heard they pay well ($100000-$200000/annual), and that there are multiple dangers associated with heightened pressure on the body. The college welding course near me is very short - 1 year.

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    I have heard they give you like a $1,000 as soon as you jump in the water. But yeah that stuff is dangerous.
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    I bet insurance is high. The life expectancy is low on a job like that. Most don't stay in it long enough to matter though. Underwater welding is a different animal than regular welding though. I doubt you can get trained to underwater weld in 1 year.

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    I'd rank that right with the guys that climb those towers...not for me LOL
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    Originally posted by Pappy
    I'd rank that right with the guys that climb those towers...not for me LOL
    You and me both. Welding in itself is quite dangerous, now mix that with being underwater and working on things that could crush you if something goes wrong..not for me either. hell I think climbing the towers more appealing
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    I have a cousin that does underwater welding and he says it is rediculously intimidating. Your held accountable for your welds for at least a year so you have to make sure they are perfect.

    and a good weld is tough, let alone in murky water in pitch black.
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    my dad was going to do that. but family was an issue, your away from home all the time.

    its cool stuff for sure. im not sure the welding itself is more difficult, but you just have to get used to being underwater... lol easier said than done. but welding is all about being comfortable, and im not sure how comfortable you can get doing that job
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    Hard trade to get into but if your good you can make plenty of money
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    one of my buddies did underwater welding for almost 2 years then stopped cause it just got to stressful. he was making 150$ to 300$ an hour depending on the depth he was at and he would be underwater for 4-8 hour shifts.. but within a few months he bought a brand new truck cash a new dirtbike a streetbike he was loaded with cash was making it faster then he could spend it.

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    ive thought about trying to get into it as well

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