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Thread: Engine rebuilding tools

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    Engine rebuilding tools

    I need to purchase tools to rebuild my son's motor. IE: fly wheel puller (what size) I can buy one from one of our sponsors but fyi I want to know what mm it is, clutch tools, case splitter (again bolt mm size, will they all work), the only simple tool I understand is the ztr clutch spring compressor. What I really need to know is what type and size of specialty tools do I need, I have a garage full of standard and metric tools. I can usually take things apart, sometimes I can even get them back together and they even run for a little bit! I'm new to the drr mini quads we just started so any help would be great. Thank you soooooo much.


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    You will likely get a list from folks, here are a few that come to mind:

    -elec impact for track side clutching, you will be in the clutch more than the top end/bottom end

    -large rubber pipe tool for grabbing rear clutch bell, I posted a link once for that but ace or sears has the for $10. A cheaper alternative over the ztr tool

    -100ft/lb plus torque wrench if you have a slipper sprocket.

    -"man hands", ask for them by name at sears, they keep them in back only for the select few that ask
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    pm'd ya

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    Variator Nut 17mm
    Clutch Nut 19mm
    Clutch Nut Lg 39mm
    FlyWheel Puller is M27x1 Left (Banshee/Blaster)
    5mm Allen Extenion (Our favorite tool)
    E Impact
    Torque Wrench (head bolts)

    Case Splitter can be expensive....We found the Pit Posse brand to provide good quality and excellent pricing..We stock these

    Bearing puller is nice to have

    Heat gun to warm up the cases before installing bearings
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    Bought the Tusk Case Splitter Works fine priced right

    Bought the Tusk Crank installer/puller Works fine priced right

    Bought a Bearing Puller and Bearing Separator (Two Tools) from Harbor Freight Have used both and they worked great The large separator works best when the bearings release from the case and stay on the crank priced right and worked great

    Dial indicator for setting up PVL if applicable; so simple it's ridiculous

    This is actually kind of fun for me but I am working on my kid's race quad and watching the fruits (And %$#@ ups) of my own wrenching. My wife is almost as good as me now and we can tear down and completely set up a motor in a couple of hours.

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    Thank you soooo much for all your advice, this is some great information. I cant wait to melt my debit card down tomorrow. Now I just need to buy the tools and an extra motor to practice on so I don't screw up the boy's good one!!

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