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Thread: Hoosier Flat Track, TT and MX Tires {Brand New}

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    Hoosier Flat Track, TT and MX Tires {Brand New}

    I have a number of left-over brand new / never used Hoosier Flat Track, TT, and MX tires in my garage that I’d like to get rid of. None of them have ever been used, or even mounted up. They’ve always been stored in a heated garage and never left out in the elements. I need to get rid of them, so I am selling under the retail cost that I paid for them. Shipping will be $22 a pair in the states. If you’re interested, please send me a PM and I’ll let you know what I have left at that time. Thanks for your interest.

    15x8x8 (Dirt Track / TT mini Rears) RD 20 compounds = $83.00

    18x5.5x10 (Dirt Track / TT Fronts) D10, D12 compounds = $82.00

    18.5x8x10 (Dirt Track / TT Rears) RD10, RD12, and RD15 compounds = $87.00

    18.5x10x10 (Dirt Track / TT Rears) D10, D12, and D15 compounds = $87.00

    20.5x6x10 (MX Fronts) MX150, and MX200 compounds = $71.00

    18x10x8 (MX Rears) MX100, MX150, and MX200 compounds = $82.00

    10, and 100 = soft compound
    12, and 150 = medium compound
    15, and 200 = hard compound

    P.S. These are the only sizes and styles I have!
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