I would like to introduce you to the ZTR Chain Tensioner. Originally designed for the mini quads but has since proven itself time and time again to be a great fit for any size quad, sand dragger, dune buggy, etc... The ZTR Chain Tensioner is spring biased and will allow you to run the chain looser without the concern of losing it!!

Available in 3 colors: Black, Blue and Red

Right and Left Hand Springs

3 different roller sizes available

Disassembled View

1. The deep grooved roller encompasses the chain on both sides, preventing it from slipping off the sprocket.
2. The tensioner arms are made from billet aluminum, aerospace quality to be exact.
3. 2 aluminum shaft collars allow for perfect positioning of the roller to the chain.
4. Left and Right hand springs plus 3 holes in the small arm give 20 different mounting configurations, making it the most versatile tensioner on the market.
5. 3 colors to choose from Black, Blue and Red
6. 3 different size rollers available to fit 420, 520 and 620 chain
7. Precision machined to aerospace tolerances
8. Star washers supplied to be installed between the chain tensioner and swing arm to prevent any slippage.

And last but definitely not least Proudly made in the USA

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