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2014 TQRA Motocross Racing Series
Round #1 - Village Creek MX
Ft. Worth, TX

February 22-23, 2014

TQRA ATV Motocross Racing Logo - Texhoma Quad Racing Association

TQRA Motocross Racing Amateur Race Report

Joshua Hale claimed the Schoolboy Sr win with a perfect 1-1 day, and Bernardo Ainslie and Kyle Bushen rounded out the top three.

In the Open C class, Andrew Ross, went 1-1 to secure the overall win followed by Browde Keith and Rowdy Mars.

Ashleigh Offiutt - Yamaha YFZ450R
Andrew Ross earned a win in both Open Class Motos to take the overall

Ashleigh Offiutt dominated the Open Ladies class going 1-1 on her Rockwall Honda 450R.  Kayla Blood and Chyann Nickison rounded out the top three on Suzuki’s.

Ashleigh Offiutt - Yamaha YFZ450R
Ashleigh Offiutt won the Open Ladies Class

In the 25 Plus Class, #11 Thomas Coutree claimed the win followed by Matt Holmes and Michael Bettis.

Thomas Coutree - Yamaha YFZ450R
Thomas Coutree finished first in the 25 Plus Class

Natalie Experience Racer, Tommy Vossman, raced two flawless motos in the Open B class to secure a 1-1 win followed by Jose Correa and Clint Branham.

Tommy Vossman - Yamaha YFZ450R
Tommy Vossman won both motos in the Open B Class earning the overall win

There were plenty more racers that had a great start to the 2014 TQRA Racing season, and they all will be back in action in just two weeks in Oklahoma on March 9th.

TQRA ATV Motocross Racing Logo - Texhoma Quad Racing Association
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