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New England ATV Motocross
MX 338
Round 4 - Southwick, MA
June 6, 2010

NEATV-MX - New England ATV Motocross Series

2010 NEATV-MX Pro & Pro-Am ATV Race Report
Motoworks / Can-Am's Joe Haavisto Wins Both Pro & Pro-am Overalls

New England ATV Motocross
(NEATV-MX) Links

Southwick, MA - The famous shifting sands of the national caliber track of MX338: Southwick was the host for the NEATV-MX round four. Two-time defending champion, Joe Haavisto, claimed first overall in both Pro and Pro-am classes for the day, and for his first time this season.

The weather was in a battle of it’s own as well as it was trying to decided weather to downpour on us or give us some sunshine for Sunday’s races. In the end the rain ultimately took the lead causing many second-moto races to be cancelled due to rain.

Pro ATV Moto One

Pro ATV Moto one holeshot was grabbed by Canadian racer Richard Pelchat. Sweeping by the other pro racers on his RP Evolution Can-Am, he would also grab first place in the moto with a 14 second lead.

Richard Pelchat - CanAm DS450 ATV
Can-Am's #46 Richard Pelchat grabbed the Moto One Holeshot & held onto the lead from start to finish to claim the Moto Win

Motoworks Can-Am rider Joe Haavisto would take second place, followed by KTM mounted Nate Morello. The trio were running in fairly tight order during the first few laps of the race but as the ATVs began to take there toll on the sandy track, they separated heavily.

Joe Haavisto  - Can-Am DS450 ATV
#1 Joe Haavisto's charge after Pelchat nearly ended when he rolled over on his side, but amazingly, Haavisto never let go of the handlebars & he quickly remounted his DS450 without a losing a single position to finish in 2nd place
#111 Nate Morello was back on his KTM for Round 4 & he battled with #44 Myles Santaniello early in the Moto, but unfortunately for Santaniello would experience mechanical issues & Morello would go on to claim the 3rd spot

BCS Performance Can-Am racer Cody Miller was running in third position behind Haavisto and attempting to put pressure on the front runners when a small ploom of white smoke began to emerge from his exhaust canister. On the very beginning of the last lap, his engine finally decided to call it quits and detonated causing a massive smoke cloud and almost caused a crash with Jasmin Plante as visibility in the area became impossible.

Cody Miller - CanAm DS450 ATV
#22 Cody Miller's top three charge in Moto One ended in a cloud of steam as Miller's DS450 overheated from a sand packed radiator, which is very common causality at Southwick's MX 338

Plante grabbed fourth place in moto one as he ran into some mechanical issues with his Yamaha YFZ450R ATV as well. Rounding out the top 5 for moto on was none other than Vinny Mofford on his DRT Performance KTM 450SX ATV.

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