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NE EDT Racing - Round 7
Hamlin, PA
September 24, 2016

NE-EDT Racing

NE EDT Racing Round 7 ATV Race Report
Brad Riley clinches NE EDT Pro & Pro-Am ATV Championships

2016 New East EDT Round 7
Hamlin, PA (11/10/2016) - With a sunny forecast and cooler weather expected at night the racing was underway at the Schaeffer Excavating/Noel Property New East Extreme Dirt Track JM Pro-Hydro Round 7 at Hamlin Speedway in Hamlin, Pennsylvania. This was the final round of the 2016 Schaeffer Excavating/ Noel Property NE Extreme Dirt Track Championship Season. The Maxxis / Dasa Racing / PEP/ Houser/ Rekluse’s Brad Riley would head back to Winston Salem, North Carolina as the 2016 NE Extreme Dirt Track B&B Racing Engines Pro Champion and also the 2016 NE-EDT Pro-am Unlimited Champion.
Brad Riley ATV Racing

Brad Riley clinched both the NE-EDT Racing's Pro & Pro-Am ATV Championships

In some of the series top classes the Maxxis / Houser Racing / TC Racing Engine’s Damian King would capture the 2016 Rath Racing Pro-Lite Championship, the Halls Performance Apiary / Hooiser’s Jacob Hall would go on to capture the 3 Wheelers Pro-am Championship along with the 200/350 3 Wheeler Championship, in the top youth class #6 Tyler King would capture the 2016 NE Extreme Dirt Track Supermini Championship and lastly the Truway Racing / Doonan Racing / Shank Racing’s Paula Kwiek would end up winning her third straight NE Extreme Dirt Track Women’s Championship.

CCR Racing / Maxxis / Wiseco’s Chuckie Creech was the fastest qualifier in the heats for the B&B Racing Engines Pro Class as the top riders of the series came to the line for the 25 lap Main event. Creech had suffered an injury in the prior Northern NE EDT event in Hutchinson, Minnesota but showed all the other Pros he might be hurt but he wasn’t out as he was ready to try to defend his 2015 NEEDT Pro Championship.

Chuckie Creech ATV Racing

Chuckie Creech

As the main event approach the riders where forced to wear sweatshirts versus facing extreme hot temperatures like almost every round this season but this cooler weather it helped create great track conditions on the fast banked oval section of the track. The track featured a banked high speed oval section and a split lane technical infield section that allowed some great passing and racing throughout the days events. As the light turned green it was the #92 Michael Houghton riding the Hoosier / Pippard Racing / Elka, Earnhardt Racing’s Honda TRX450R that was out front thru the first corner to obtain the JM-Pro Hydro Pro Hole shot award.

Houghton said,” With the track being as technical as it was I knew a holeshot was key to the race and we did just that and was able to lead up until lap 10 until Brad applied the pressure and took the lead which dropped me back to second. My conditioning felt great thanks to The Program and helped me stay at the second place on the box.”

Michael Houghton ATV Racing

Michael Houghton grabbed the Pro Holeshot & finished in 2nd Place behind Brad Riley

Riley was then able to move to the top spot where he was able to stay and get a nice comfortable lead on the second half of the main event as Michael Houghton and Andrew Evanyke battled for the other two spots on the box. The Houser / Rath / Hoosier’s Andrew Evanyke was also able to put together a nice start as he has really stepped up this season and has found his place on the box several times this year. Andrew who stayed right on Houghton’s grab bar the second half of the race settled into the final spot on the podium to finish third as the riders crossed the finish line.

Brad Riley ATV Racing

Brad Riley

There was also a battle going on for the fourth position as Rookie Pro Nate Dawydko applied constant pressure on the 2015 Pro Champion Creech for much of the race. As they past the checkers flag Creech would retain his position and finished fourth and Nate Dawydko would finish fifth to round out the top five.

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