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NE EDT Racing - Round 7
Hamlin, PA
September 24, 2016

NE-EDT Racing

Chuckie Creech Takes NE EDT Pro-Am Unlimited Win

In the NE EDT Pro-am Unlimited Class main event, Houghton would again capture the JM Pro-Hydro Pro-am Unlimited Holeshot award. Houghton would stay in the top spot for a few laps until Creech was able to get around Evanyke and apply pressure to Houghton who ended up dropping back a few spots after a solid start in the main event.

Chuckie Creech ATV Racing

Chuckie Creech & Andrew Evanyke

Creech was able to put the #25 Honda TRX450R to the front where he was challenged almost the entire race by the Evanyke who ended up in the runner up position. Creech said,” I got off to a decent start. The Rage motor and Elka/ Houser suspension got the power to the Maxxis Tires and down to the dirt to give me a solid third place off the start. In third I felt pretty decent just wasn’t sure how long I could hang on or how long till my ankle would let me shift before hurting. A few laps into the race I was behind Andrew I felt the option lane I was taken would give me the line coming out onto the oval to make a pass where the option lanes came onto the oval. Once in second place I felt a little more confident and set my focus on the leader hoping I could get up there so we could put on a good race. After battling I was able to get into the lead at the same spot I passed for second place. Once in the lead I tried to stay focused and make no mistakes as I seen Andrew was behind me looking for my spot”.

Creech would cross the checkered flag in first, followed by Evanyke in second and Riley would move into the final spot on the box. Riley seeing that Creech was up front knew he had to stay close as he only had a slight points lead to in order to capture the 2016 NE Extreme Dirt Track Pro-am Unlimited Championship. Riley was able to stay in the final podium spot which secured the 2016 NE Extreme Dirt Track Pro/am Unlimited class championship. He won the 2016 Pro-am Unlimited championship by only a slim 5 point lead over Creech. Chuckie Creech would though capture the Northern NE-EDT Pro-am Unlimited Championship, which consisted of the Northern NE Extreme Dirt Track Rounds with this win.

NE EDT Pro Am Unlimited ATV Podium

NE-EDT Racing Pro Am Unlimited Podium (left to Right)
Andrew Evanyke (2nd), Chuckie Creech (1st), Brad Riley (3rd)

With 19 riders on the line the Rath Racing Pro-Lite Main Event was up and the Lonnie Eby / Dasa Racing / Championship Powersports / Hoosier’s Jonathan Stierle was able to capture the JM Pro-Hydro Pro-lite Holeshot award and also was able to lead from start to finish. Stierle said, “It was nice to be able to get out front and have a open track to work with. The hole shot is so important with such a competitive and fast field of racers”.

The #44 JT / Hoosier / VB Fuels’ Bryan Robertson was able to move to the number two spot after CJ Robson made a mistake and dropped back and Robertson was able to take advantage on his mistake for obtain the second spot and was able to stay there till the checkered flag. The final podium spot was the #6d of Tyler Deister aboard the Motor City Solutions / Schaeffer Racing / Rage ATV Honda TRX450r.

NE EDT Pro Lites ATV Podium

NE-EDT Racing Pro Lites Podium (left to right)
Tyler Deister (3rd), Jonathan Stierle (1st), Bryan Robertson (2nd)

Damian King riding the had a nice points lead in the NE-EDT Rath Racing Pro-lite Overall Championship Race and knew he needed to finish in at least the top ten to secure the 2016 Rath Racing NEEDT Pro-lite Championship. He played it smart and finished seventh and walked away as the 2016 NEEDT Pro-Lite Championship. Damian said his focus for this year was, "if you fall get back up and push harder".

Congratulations to all the champions this season and look forward to the Championship Banquet on November 19th in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Photos by Taylor Moran. Find more information about the series at

NE-EDT Racing
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