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Pipestone OHV Park ATV Trail Ride Adventure - Butte, Montana

Pipestone OHV Park ATV Trail Ride Adventure - Butte, MT

Once we reached to top of the trail, we stopped at another staging area where we picked up a trail map. There are many trails at Pipestone OHV park that it is easy to get lost, so be sure to grab yourself a map just incase.

There were many more spots we would stop at long the way, each holding their own piece of history. The first stop we made was at a tree with an old satellite dish nailed to the side of it that someone put up as a joke. Although it was funny, it did make a pretty good marker, as it was right across from an old gold mine drift.

Butte, Montana Pipestone OHV Park Mine
Butte, Montana Pipestone OHV Park Mine
We visited an old gold mine drift that we explored right along the trail at Pipestone OHV

There was a small opening where a wooded door once stood. A short crawl into the drift led into a small cavern the size of a bed room. Prospects used to pan for gold along the river running adjacent to the drift. They must have hit a quartz vein and followed it to the source. Little is known about who dug into the side of the mountain or if they found any gold, all that remains is what is still standing today.

Butte, Montana Pipestone OHV Park Granite Mine
Butte, Montana Pipestone OHV Park Granite Mine
Not to far from the abandoned gold mine was the remains of an 1800's granite mine

Further on down the trail was a turn of the century granite quarry. There you could see where miners used to cut large slabs of granite out of the mountain side. Also on the site was the remains of the old granite saw mill. It was pretty amazing to think they were able to haul such heavy loads in the late 1800’s.

Butte, MT Pipestone OHV Park Staging Area
We rode til' the sun went down & we still didn't get the see all that the Pipestone OHV Area had to offer. Montana ATV Adventures also does guided trail rides in two other locations which we would love to see after this amazing ride!

Not only was the ride that Montana ATV Adventures but on was fun, but it also was interesting to see all the destinations and stops along the way. Riding in an area with such history and wildlife makes riding even more enjoyable, and what better way to see the area than go on a guided ATV tour. Montana ATV Adventures Richard and Tammy were both friendly and knowledgeable of the area.  We would like to come back to Butte, Montana in the near future and check out another memorable riding destination with Montana ATV Adventures.

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