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Pipestone OHV Park ATV Trail Ride Adventure - Butte, Montana

Pipestone Riding Park ATV Adventure Ride - Butte, Montana

“We are a small company but I would like to keep it that way. It is on more a personal basis, than rather than having 15 to 20 ATVs. We try to keep the group small so we can keep it personal” Said Richard Johnson

Butte, MT Pipestone OHV Park Staging Area
There are several staging areas including the Four Corners Staging area at Pipestone OHV area that have plenty of parking & restrooms facilities on site

We started our ride at Pipestone OHV Area at the Four Corners Staging area, which is located 4 miles off interstate 90 near Butte, MT.  After being greeted by Richard and Tammy we headed out for our first 16 mile loop.

On our first ride, we wound our way through open fields and a wooded area filled with large boulders and pine trees.  It was interesting to see some of the large rock formations scattered throughout the woods and to think about how they got there thousands of years ago by glaciers.

Montana Ringing Rocks
Montana Ringing Rocks
One of the coolest features about the Pipestone OHV riding area are the Ringing Rocks which ring just like a bell if they are struck with a hammer

After riding for about 30 minutes we made our first stop the Ring Rocks. The Montana Ringing Rocks is a natural rock pile or formation that is one of only two in the United States. The Ringing Rocks is not just your ordinary large pile of rocks, as the name suggests, the rocks actually ring like bells if they are stuck with a hammer. Legend has it that if the rocks are removed from their location they will no longer possess certain qualities that make them ring.

Butte, MT Pipestone OHV Park
The Pipestone OHV area offers many breathtaking views including this one overlooking the valley below at Montana's Ringing Rocks

It seemed like the Ringing Rocks were a popular place to check out, as there were many other tourists that also stopped there to play music on the rocks.

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