Having some sense. I truly find it hard to believe how infantile some people are. I can't believe that since Yamaha FINALLY made a competitive quad, how SOME (not all) of the Yamaha guys wanna say YEAH YAMAHA RULES!! TRX BLOWS!! YEAH YEAH!! RAH RAH!! And that how some of the Honda guys (not all) wanna make excuses when it's not even out yet. How their panties are so much in a wad that perhaps, just maybe, someone besides Honda has finally made a quad that can dominate. We will all have fun riding our new quads whether they be Yamaha, or Honda. Honda will have some wins, and Yamaha will have some wins. Really, in the end, what does it matter? I mean seriously, if the Yamaha has a couple more ponies than the Honda does that mean guys who own a Honda have small weiners? Or if the Honda takes the GNCC championship, am I gay because I ride a YFZ? Come on people, grow up and ride what you like, and quit tryin to insult me cause I like my YFZ, and I won't insult you when I blow your doors off on your TRX450R ok?? (HEEEEYY I JUSS KIDEEEN!!)