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Thread: Polaris ETX (325)

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    Polaris ETX (325)

    I am new to Polaris and the mechanical aspect of IMG_5250.jpgIMG_5250.jpgIMG_5250.jpgIMG_5250.jpgIMG_5250.jpgIMG_5250.jpgATVs in general. I recently bought a Polaris ETX 325, during one of the first rides I bottomed out, pulled over and took a look underneath to just make sure nothing crazy had happened. I've had this little clear tube hanging down ever since, not knowing what it dose or why its there i've decided to leave it alone until I referred to some more knowledgeable riders!

    Thank you in advance for your suggestions & help.


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    If its not a fuel injected engine then its probably just the line that keeps the carburetor from flooding. If so its normal for it to hang down.

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