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Thread: Running synthetic in a used (new to me) bike

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    Running synthetic in a used (new to me) bike

    Sorry in advance if this ? Has been beat to death I couldn't find a answer. I just bought a 07 400ex and run synthetic oil in everything I own with a motor! The previous owner before me ran Napa 10-40 in this bike for past 4 years of her owning it! Am I wasting my money if I start running mobile-1? I know it has prolonged change intervals but will that be all I'm gonna benefit from it "are the motor and tranny gonna notice the difference" sorta speak? I still change it every 3 rides with synthetic average 4 hr rides not racing! Thanks in advance guys

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    Well as long as you are changing your oil regularly and not into racing mineral based oil will do.

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    The is a topic that is continually being debated. Synthetic oil is without question a superior oil. Anymore, for the price difference, I also run synthetic oil in everything I own. For superior protection, I think the small difference in price is worth. Just be careful to use an oil that is rated for wet clutch use. Many ATV owners use Rotella T6 in their machines because it does specify "approved for wet clutch use". Or use an ATV/motorcycle specific oil. Other oils can be used as long as they don't contain friction modifiers or say "energy conserving".

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    Syn is a better oil to use but you have to decide the cost difference with that often of a oil change schedule.

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