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Thread: Polaris Trailblazer upgrades?

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    Polaris Trailblazer upgrades?

    Hello, I have a polaris trailblazer 250, I was just wondering what can I do to make it faster, and more fun. All I want to do it upgrade the engine. Any help and info is greatly appreciated.

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    Forget it. Even if you could upgrade the motor, the chassis is so heavy it's just not worth it. Even the Polaris Scramblers, which have much bigger engines, are horrible because it's the same chassis. Which is also why the Trailblazer chassis is SO heavy and over-built for a little 20 horse 250cc engine, because the chassis was designed for the 500CC Scrambler.

    They make exhaust kits, you'll pick up some horsepower. But it's still a heavy chassis and under-powered engine. I'd keep it all stock (they're more valuable that way) and sell it and buy a 300EX or something similar when you're really ready to upgrade.
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    The valves are within specifications and I have disassemble the carbs and they were spotless. I still cleaned everything out with carb cleaner and compressed air, and replaced the jet with oem parts (stock sizes). I have also drained the tank thinking that there might be water in it. It was also very debris or water. Thanks in advance for any help in trouble shooting.

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