We had a great time racing in the ATV pro challenge. We look forward to next year's racing. With UGMX closed, it is a sad issue and we hope some of the tracks in the series can step up and fill the gap. The hardest part is also finding tracks that will be Quad friendly. with less and less tracks being quad friendly they are damaging our sport. They these are the same tracks screaming at the ATV series that no one shows up. What do they expect when they tell everyone all year, "no quads allowed" then suddenly host 1 race and expect thousands to turn up? In my opinion track owners need to learn to stop making those statements. The few extra $ in revenue they make by denying quads does not make up for the loss they face during race weekends. With times getting tougher and tougher, they need to start being more open minded. Anyway, it is my opinion.

Good luck to everyone this 2014 season and see ya at the track.