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Thread: tt quad question?

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    tt quad question?

    what do you have to have for tt racing? i race mx and want to race 1 or 2 tt racess but i dont want to go all out just little things to have becuse i want to switch the quad around for the next weeked for mx.


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    As far as the EDT nationals, I think they have a beginer class that would allow you to race your machine as is for a race.
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    EDT Nationals actually has a knobby class too that you could enter with your current setup. The biggest thing you will want to have are TT/FT tires. Hoosiers, American Racers, Razr TT are all good tires. Also, you can pick up a CRJ lowering kit on ebay for around $80 last i checked. It has front lowering blocks and a rear dogbone link that is adjustable. The front lowering blocks only work with stock a arms though. Sway bar comes next. I'd try to get some tires first and see how you like it. If you're quad is already setup for MX it's probably close on width.

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