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Thread: diffrences between the 450 and 525

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    diffrences between the 450 and 525

    hi all
    currently own a 88 250r ,but thinking of getting a brand new bike been looking and the ktm seems pretty good out the box .
    whats the diffrences between the two if any ?
    what sort of power and torque am i looking at stock ?
    Will it be as quick as a piped ported 310 R?
    cheers scott
    Trx 250R :-
    esr trx9 pipe shorty ,Vforce 3 reeds,38mill air strykier douglas rims 450 front shocks leager +2+1 ,lonestar 2+4 axle with 9 inch red lables wraped with razr2 thats about it
    also have a ct 410 r engine & a 265 lrd powervalve head wich i hate
    350 banshee dmc 916s boyson reeds 34mm carbs and uni pod filters

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    only difference between a 450 and 525(really at 510) is the piston and cylinder. I have the dirtbile 450, very similar motor(rfs) and it flat out rips.
    85/86 atc 250r, very modded, lrd 310pv, +1 lsr, shortrack kit, cr250r igntion, 39 pwk, paul turner hi-rev pipe, propeg nerf bars, HREATV custom frame,
    86 atc200x- 84 250r exteneded axle, supertrapp pipe, 27mm carb, works rear shock, 84 250r front end(rebuilt w/ terry kit), 350x tripples, ported head, 12:1 piston, webcam,
    crf450r quad, lsr frame, swinger, antifade, hyper beadlocks and the best of everything else.
    88 trx 250r pced and reinforced frame, +3+0 t-pin, 310pv, cr ignition, 39 pwk, lsr rear end, elka shocks, aftermarket radiator, lrd pipe
    06 ktm450exc, full skid plate/guards, radiator fan, clarke tank, dual sport kit, reg/ins/insp, steering stabilzer
    98 200exc: street plated, skid/guards, dual sport lights, stabilizer and more.
    07 ktm 250xc, skids, reg/ins, dampener, good lights
    2011 atc450r in the works, suspension and details need to be worked out

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    Some will say that the 520 is too much power for the woods.....I have never figured how you can have too much power...? Its all about throttle control, if you don't have that anything can get away from you.

    I have the 520 dirt bike engine in my quad, which makes more hp than the KTM quad, but should be close. The power seems to keep on building, its very smooth. Its going to be nothing like your arm ripping 310 with the powerband hit, its going to be smooth. Its power without the arm ripping. My nephews bored ported fast Banshee seems so fast, and it is, with its arm ripping power. But my KTM beats it even though when you ride them individually the Banshee "feels" like it is.
    1984 Honda 200M ATC
    1985 Honda 200X ATC
    1986 Honda 200X ATC
    1999 Honda 406EX....11:1, Web Cam / Hardened rockers. Ported. WB CDI. CT Racing header. WB E-Series slip on. Lonestar swinger.
    2001 Honda/KTM 520 Hybrid Quad. Its like a 400EX but twice the horsepower.
    2014 Artic Cat Wildcat Trail XT

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    Good point. The most obvious difference is the engine displacement. Another could be the body and engineering design.

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