so sad to see this section so quiet for such a successful National .....

I am however excited to see you all for a much overdue venue thats not only in my back yard, but also a very well liked veune a few years ago .

I know a few SoCal riders will be touch to attend due to fuel costs, but I hope as many as possible was able to make arrangments to carpool and attend this round !

I have some old videos I made way back in the day of Clay Peak , you can also get a peek at the terrain you will be racing in past Race Coverage Section.
Weather here has been very unpredictable . We have seen everything from hard rain to temps around 70 . We will are seeing cold temps as well...
this track tends to get either very dusty or when alot of rain hits - slimy thick mud . alot of sand in sections and is a fast track with alot of elevation changes .

See you all in a few weeks !