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Thread: just got a 06 z250!!!

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    just got a 06 z250!!!

    so my buddy gave me his other z250(he has 2 )
    FOR FREE !!!!! im so happy !! even tho its only a 250 !! i used to race mx and xc and have had manny quads(yfz450,450r,banshee,recon 250,rancher 350 4x4 ,rubicon 500 4x4, 300ex, 400ex and a kx 125) but had to sell them all to move out and pay for my house and school !! im 21 now and just got this lil thing !!!! its all stock its bin sitting about a year or 2 and it needs a intake boot and air filter any one know where i can order one ? im not new to atvs i used to race when i was 16-18 and had a full mx yfz and a xc 450r...... im looking to get a dif carb for it (will a z400 one fit ?) take the air box out, getting an hmf for it, dif cam , cdi box , (bbk if they make one ) or maybe a high comp piston, port and polish ( i can do it my self) , full skids, nerf bars , handle bars and hand guards,front bumper and some xc tires.......i know its alot for a 250 and wont gain much but in got it for free so why not make the best out of it!!!! any one that can help please chime in !!!
    05 recon 250
    05 450rG nerf's,ITP Holeshot xrc, fake holeshots

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    maybe rockymountin
    i wish i got one for free too!LOL

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