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Thread: Anyone Here Know a Cure for Gout?

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    Anyone Here Know a Cure for Gout?

    How Can I Treat Gout?

    This is craZY! I always thought only older people got gout. I'm way too young! And it really hurts.

    Thank you! Can anyone provide a working home cure for gout?
    Northern New England

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    Well this thread is plenty old, but in case you are still wondering, gout is a real pain as you have found out.

    I take a daily pill named Alipurinol to help. And I have a capsule called Indomethicin that I take just as soon as I feel a slight pain in my toes. One or at most two of the indomethicin is enough to knock it out of me if I catch it early. I take them one at a time 4 hours apart.

    I drink beer and eat red meat. Both can give you trouble with gout. Lots of younger guys suffer with gout along with us old codgers.

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