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Thread: Fixing up some jumps

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    Fixing up some jumps

    Hey guys i recently found some old table tops and doubles that are pretty old and wethered adn just need some leveling out this sounds like a dumb question but what would be the best way to get tehm perfectly even? theyre pretty damn big.

    Thanks in advance.
    My Previous 400ex Being Parted Out:

    Black 07

    What I Have:

    Motoworks Slip-On
    FMF Powerbomb Headers
    Barrnet Racing Clutch Kit
    Flexx Bars
    K&N Powerlid
    Monster Coil
    Rear ITP Beadlocks
    MSR Clutch
    Full Flight +2 A-Arms
    G Force Extended Axle +4
    Cybex Hand Guards
    Razer 2's on Baja Front Rims
    Rock Skid (broke off, Major POS)
    Factory Effex Seat Cover
    Pro Armor Nerf Bars
    LSR Parking Brake Block Off

    What I Want:

    Steering Stabalizer
    Timing Advance Key
    Hydraulic Clutch
    450r or Edle Brock Carb
    ASV Levers
    New Shocks

    If you have any of these items for sale please let me know.

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    where are you located ..... id just water it down and flatten it out after the first day you will probably hit it in the same spot constantly

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    Rent a small tractor and a box scraper. You can fix them however you need to then.

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